Saturday, September 30, 2017

Madeline Eve: Unicorn First Birthday Party

To celebrate Madeline turning one I threw a Unicorn birthday party for her with my parents and a few family members. It was a fun party and Madeline got some awesome gifts! I got a great deal on the unicorn decor, and Jonas had fun helping me with it (he was asking about her birthday for literally the whole week leading up to it). We were pretty heartbroken JT couldn't celebrate with us, he started work in Texas two days later, but luckily we were able to do a Instagram Live video so he could see the party.

For the party we did a coloring station (mostly for Jonas) and a dessert bar.

It is SO hard to get a good picture of a one-year-old on the move. I tried by best but they are mostly blurry or have bad lighting. I'll probably have to keep trying...

So many nice gifts! Jonas and Madeline are already obsessed with everything.

Happy First Birthday Sweet Girl!

Madeline Eve: Month Twelve

Madeline is such a fun little girl and I cannot believe she is already one! She is silly, adventurous, stubborn, a great eater, and an inconsistent sleeper. My heart melts when she acts silly and gives me a sweet smile. Sometimes when she is really excited about something she will give me a look, a big grin (and sometimes a giggle), then dive in. For example, if I give her a food she was trying to get she will get really excited. I have also learned to enjoy the extra cuddle time at night when she's having a hard time, especially in the last month while we have been staying with my family in Washington between moves. She has also started giving the sweetest open mouth kisses!

She has truly loved visiting my parents! She loves to greet Grandma, Papa, and Uncle Harrison with smiles and cuddles. We aren't sure how we will survive without them once we make our move to Texas.

She's always stealing food and making a mess!

She LOVES reading books with Papa!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

A Goodbye to Our First Home

When JT was laid off from his job at McAfee at the end of July we immediately took action. We had recently been feeling like it was time for a change, not just with a new job but to relocate. This was just a much bigger push than we had anticipated or wanted. The day JT lost his job he called our real estate agent (who helped us by our home 2.5 years earlier) and within a week of losing his job we had our house listed on the market, and within a day we received our first offer, at full asking price. It was such a blessing in this hard time in our lives, but also very stressful.

I loved this home SO MUCH. I'm grateful our agent took such great pictures of it and was willing to give them to me. We also got a good friend to catch a few shots of us with our home before we moved, we miss our friends and neighbors the most!

Pictures from our friend Katie:

The agents pictures:

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Madeline Eve: Month Eleven

This girl turned eleven months and it was an eventful month! The week before she turned ten months JT was laid off, so the month of August was eventful (job search, putting the house on the market and moving out of the house, and a visit to Utah for a wedding). Through all the chaos and stress Madeline was such a sweet girl. At the beginning of the month she was being more difficult than ever with her sleep, but one night it just clicked and she started sleeping better than she ever had in her life! Such a blessing. Madeline started sleeping for 8-10 hours then wake up to do a feeding a usually go back down for a couple more hours. Of course this stopped once we visited Utah for Aunt Paige's wedding, but it was a good two weeks of sleep!

Madeline also had fun gaining more confidence in her ability to play and move around. She started playing more with big brother, but mostly his toys! She loves the water table, and stealing our food. She is a great eater and is always willing to try new foods. She finally started to get comfortable in water again, mostly with our efforts to make bath time better for both kids by starting family bath night every week, meaning mom puts on a swim suit and takes a bath with the kids.

She has also gotten tired of not getting her way, haha. Whenever she wants a toy, food, or to climb into something and it/she gets taken away she does a little scream (aka baby tantrum). This usually happens when the kids are having a hard time sharing. Usually it's kinda funny, but sometimes it escalates when she really wants something.

We were happy to have Grandma visit for a couple days! We enjoyed the Idaho Falls zoo, County Fait with the Demolition Derby, reading books, and giving Grandma snuggles.

Stealing big brothers water.

Girl wants to climb onto EVERYTHING.