Thursday, April 26, 2012


So lately JT and I have been pretty busy. In the beginning of April JT finished school for the summer and last week I started again. He is SO happy to be done until September. And for me, I'm actually happy to be back in school. Although I sometimes hate all the studying, I really enjoy going to school and learning.  

The classes I'm taking this semester are:
Money Management-Minor requirement, and it will be good for us to learn a few things about the $
Pearl of Great Price-I'm so excited for this one, my teacher is great and I get to learn more about the temple!
Behavioral Neurobiology
Parenting-Minor requirement and I really do hope we can start our family in the next year so it will be great prep!
Cognition-block class, meaning I'm doing a 13 week class in 7 weeks. Good bye sleep. 
And Parenting Skills, which will be in my second block, once I finish Cognition.

I have also started my new job as a student secretary for the psychology department, which I LOVE. Especially after working at a call center for 8 months. Right now I feel as if my life couldn't get much better, I'm just so happy.

This month we also had the chance to visit the most beautiful state in the US, Washington. We had great weather most of our time there, so we got to enjoy some time at Chambers Bay. It was also nice to spend Easter with my family for the first time since I graduated high school. Here are a couple pictures JT took: 

JT calls this one "Girl Without the Pearl Earring" 

This past weekend we also had the chance to go to Paige's graduation at BYU, so the following pictures are from after the ceremony. 

Oh, and you probably noticed I got bangs! Right before we left Washington JT and Brittany convinced me to get them, and Aimee was kind enough to cut them for me. 

That's all that's new with our family. Hopefully in the future I will be better about posting when exciting things are going on. 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happily Ever After

So last Friday was my sister-in-laws graduation at BYU. So JT and I had the opportunity to attend her graduation along with Grandma and Grandpa Dewey. Since then something has been on my mind, and I felt like sharing this thought.

My thought is that whenever I interact with older people, meaning 60+, they are always happy. The reason they always seem happy is because they are married to the person they love, they had a family together, and now they are living happily ever after. It seems like today I'm always hearing the stories of people my age getting married then divorced. It is so sad. So I started thinking about how the grandparents of today did it. Although not all grandparents are still married, there is a smaller divorce rate among their time then what we are seeing today.

I think the reason our grandparents were able to stay married is because they stuck to the "old fashioned" standards. Many of them waited for sex until marriage so they would only have one partner their whole life, many of them married younger, and when they saw times of trial they worked through it together.

So now I wonder why things have changed so much over the last 50 years. It was about the 1970's when the divorce rate started dropping. Is it because the media has such an influence in our lives? I think so. But  I also think that is only possible because of how hard Satan has worked to ruin the family. Which is so sad because when I see all my grandparents, I see the happiest people I know. Their lives haven't been easy, but they all stayed married.

I'm excited for the day when JT and I become like our grandparents. More in love with each other than we are now. Which I can't even imagine because I do love my husband with all my heart. I'm so thankful to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and that we were worthy to be married for time and eternity.