Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It's Official

So I just wanted to share that I am now officially an Idaho resident. yay... ha. Since I turned 21 last month I had to renew my license, but I had to change my name on it so JT told me I should just do it here in Idaho since we live here anyways (for now). But turns out if your renewing your license from out-of-state you have to RETAKE the written exam. Really?? They must have known I struggled with it the first time around. So I took it and passed. Today my license came in the mail so now it's official. But the upside is that I am now officially Mrs. Dewey. I have changed all my official papers except my birth certificate which I probably won't ever change anyways. 

I would also like to announce that today is 5 months of marriage! I'm so happy that I'm married to JT, and lucky. He is so great. But mostly I'm excited for our future months together.

And sorry if the title of this post led you to think I was pregnant...I have noticed I have to be a lot better with words now that I'm married. 

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  1. Honestly, I did think that; however, I was relieved because girl you have only been married for 5 MONTHS! Give it time. I have had a lot of pressure since getting married to have kids by numerous people's (whose names will remain anonymous) and you know what? My husband and I are in no rush. Eventually by counsel from Heavenly Father we will have children. It's not on the people whose pressuring us terms; it's ultimately on our terms.

    Take your time! Enjoy your newlywed months or if it takes, years. Make sure you two are emotionally, mentally, and physically ready. OF COURSE we'll never be ready to have children because having children comes for the step that you'll gain official experience; but, Andrew and I have been married a year and a little over a half and we don't have kids neither are we pregnant nor do we plan on it for another year or two.

    So Congratulations on being married for 5 Months!