Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shirley Temple

So recently I had my 21st birthday and it was absolutely amazing! It started out with a very early morning, like a normal Monday. But my boss was so awesome. When I arrived at the office (7:20 AM) there was a sign on the door that read "Happy Birthday Kjersten!!!!" Because she doesn't come in until 10, she wanted to make sure everyone that came to the psychology office that morning knew it was my birthday. Once she came in she gave me homemade carrot cake cupcakes (my favorite) and a plant, which I had been wanting to decorate our apartment.

Once school and work was over, JT and I went to Olive Garden. Where I ate at least 6 bread sticks. YUM. And I got a shirley temple (virgin) with extra cherries to celebrate being 21.

And during dinner JT finally revealed my big birthday present, which indeed is the best present ever. It was a package to the spa here in Rexburg, called the Sage Day Spa, for that upcoming Saturday (or this past Saturday). This package included an hour body massage, then I moved rooms for my steam where she first rubbed a sugar scrub into my skin, and then brought down the canopy that covered my body for the steam and during the steam I received a head massage. Then I showered off the sweat from the steam and she rubbed lotion in so I wouldn't dry up.  And the last part of my day at the spa included a facial that made my face smell really good. So overall, it was the BEST present. And my skin is still soft from the sugar scrub. Thank you husband :)

For my birthday I also received some money which I of course spent on new clothes. Like the shoes and pants in the picture below. And a few other things from my family, like a Beauty and the Beast shirt from when they went to the show without me. So overall what I'm saying is that my life is awesome. And I'm grateful for the amazing people in my life. Especially my husband because he knows the way to my happiness is bacon and massages. 

And the week before my birthday (last week of April) we got a futon!  We were looking for something to put in out extra room and after my mom visited I wanted to put something in there that would be nice for us, and for when family or friends visit. So I looked on craigslist and found a lightly used IKEA futon. It is my new study spot when JT is playing video games too loud. 

And above the futon is our cute picture my sister-in-law gave us when we went down for her graduation in April. It says "The Dewey's are forever" with a USA Today front page from our wedding day. And she used different things from our wedding reception to make the words, like the napkins that had our names and the kisses from the tables that had pictures on the bottom. And the "e" in the is a bottle cap that says "crazy tension." hahaha. I love it. It's so creative and thoughtful. 

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