Monday, July 9, 2012

Only in Idaho

So at work there are two of us students who work on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I work from 7:20-1pm and the girl after me works 1-5pm, and her name is Kirsty. The interesting thing about Kirsty is her accent, because she's from England. Awesome right?! I like to talk to her just to hear it, but also because its funny to get her perspective on American things. For example, a few weeks ago her and her husband went down to Utah for the weekend, and while they were there they went to a rodeo. She had never heard of a rodeo before that weekend. Literally. She thought it was the funniest thing because they have no cowboys or rednecks in England. Lucky her! 

This leads me to our most recent adventure, this past Saturday we went to the Demolition Derby. right? I don't ever remember an event like this in Washington. But it was fun. People fix up engines and paint old cars and run them into each other. The cause is to raise money for the Family Crisis Center in Rexburg. And its totally safe because theres police and fireman everywhere. I actually went to this two years ago, my freshman year, with my roommate Elysha. It was fun both times. 

I also learned that what I call 'elephant ears' at Washington fairs, people here call scones? WHY? Scones are totally different. People need to get educated. ha. 

Heres some pictures from the demolition, it was totally worth $5. 

Sara Barnard. Soon to be Sara Hill. 

The Batman car was pretty cool. 

This one sort of fell apart. 

Jack & Chelsea.

I caught JT trying to creep on my while I was in line for food.

Haha. I think he was mad..

Saturday we also had the chance to go to JT's 5-year reunion, from Madison High School, which is the high school in Rexburg. It was at the newly built high school in Rexburg which was interesting to go through. The most interesting part about this event wasn't meeting JT's old peers, but realizing that there were in fact more kids then adults. I'm dead serious. One girl had 3 kids. Can you say she got busy? dang. The funny part was me comparing the amount of kids and married couples to what my 5-year will look like in 2-years. Maybe 5 people from my class will have 1 kid. I can think of 4 of us that are married right now. Crazy the differences between Washington and Idaho. 

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  1. And then you look at my high school in So. Cal. and TONS of my friends are just starting to have kids. I'll be 39 this year. Totally yikes. Babies at 39 cannot be fun.