Sunday, July 8, 2012

Red White & Blue

To celebrate the fourth of July we participated in various activities. We started our morning with sleeping in and eating french toast. Then we called my dad to say Happy Birthday! Dad turned 49! Then JT and I spent the day with Cooper and Kylie Dunn. First was the school fair, on the upper fields of campus. It was actually fun, there was a BBQ, snow cones, cotton candy, a rock climbing wall, slip and slide, and many more activities. That night we also got the chance to go to the fireworks show in Idaho Falls, put on my Melaleuca. Which is known as the best fireworks show west of the Mississippi, and I agree. 

Overall it was a great day! Here are some pictures from the day:

Climbing the Rock Wall

JT reached the top!

Kylie Dunn

Snow cone. Only 25 cents. Pre-melting. 

Cooper Dunn

The lighting in this picture is perfect. The only problem with the picture is Kylie's arm covering her face. 

With sparklers. 

With iphone! Worked much better than sparklers.

The fireworks were awesome! But we were really far away...

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