Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vacation Part 1: Washington

This summer we decided to visit both coasts. The Walker family living in the beautiful Northwest and the Dewey's currently living in Virginia. Our first stop was driving to Washington, and our last stop flying back from Virginia to Washington before driving back to Idaho. 

I am always happiest visiting the beautiful state of Washington. This visit was fun for many reasons. Our activities were the following:
Napping and Eating (without ME cooking)
Soccer and Kickball
Birthday Celebrating
Olympics watching
Hair cuts
and tons of Family Time

Although our time here was only a week and a half, we still had tons of fun!
Here are a few pictures from our time in Washington:

We had fun playing at the park! 
We were trying to walk up this moving circle toy.

Cute face britt. 
Harrison playing soccer!

My home stake did a youth Trek this summer and my parents planned it. So we helped out as a young couple on the road that had to bury their baby. This is us in our outfits!
With our (flour) baby.

All the kids at SubZero. Truly the most amazing ice cream ever. 

A big reason we wanted to visit Washington this particular week was because one of my best friends got married in the Seattle temple! So we went to the temple and her reception to celebrate.
Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Green!

JT got a shot of them taking pictures, I'm excited to see how they turn out!
Flowers from the temple grounds

With Tessa May at the reception!

Right before we left for Washington, my friend Elysha and I  threw a bridal party for Melissa,  these are the cookies we made for the party. Bras and underwear/thongs. 
At the bridal shower we played the game Spoons, but with underwear instead of spoons.  It got so intense that some of the underwear broke! haha. This is Elysha with the broken underwear. 
With my sister Brittany, July 30th, celebrating her 20th birthday at Pacific Grill.  Twinners with colorful pants!
For the first part of our vacation, JT decided to experiment with his facial hair :)

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