Friday, August 24, 2012

Vacation Part 2: Virginia

After our adventures in Washington, we flew to Virginia. This is where JT's family is currently settled. They just bought a beautiful home in Leesburg, Virginia. And I soon learned that the state of Virginia is indeed very beautiful with the trees, but it is HOT HOT HOT. Mostly because of the humidity.

Our number one reason to visit this summer was because JT's sister, Paige, is leaving for her 18-month LDS mission at the end of August (to the Las Vegas West Mission). So of course we wanted to spend some time with her before she left. Also because his mom recently moved back to the states from living in Spain. Also because we really wanted to spend the summer with family, AND because I have never gone further east than Chicago. So going to the DC area is new and exciting to me.

The following is a timeline of the fun things we got to do in our time there, and a few pictures!

August 1st: We flew to the Dulles, Virginia Airport.

August 2-4: We drove a few hours to Williamsburg, where we stayed in a little cabin for two nights and  on Friday (8/3) we spent the day in Colonial Williamsburg, which was so awesome despite the really really hot and humid weather. We got to tour the colonial town, where people play parts of the people who lived there in the colonial times. On Saturday we drove another hour from the cabin to Virginia beach! I can now say I have stepped foot into 2 oceans. And I got to meet my first of JT's cousins, Sydney and her husband Thomas and baby Kennedy.

Benedict giving a speech after becoming a traitor. 

Court room

She was really making stuff! 

They actually make stuff here too, like curtains that they give to museums and such. 

One of the hottest days.
Entry into the Governor's palace. 

August 5: We drove up to Maryland (only 1 hour drive from Leesburg) to see JT's brother Heath and his wife Lyndsay. They made everyone dinner, which was especially awesome because Lyndsay is currently in culinary school, so dinner was amazing. 

August 6-8: We relaxed. Spent some more time with Lyndsay, went shopping and swimming/sun bathing, and walked around some of the trails at Balls Bluff, a battlefield from the civil war only a couple blocks down from my in-laws house in Leesburg.

August 9: My first day in DC!! It was great. We went around to all the great sites in DC and we almost died of heat. I got to see the White House, Washington monument, WW2 memorial, Lincoln memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, Vietnam War memorial, Thomas Jefferson monument, FDR monument, the old post office, capital building, and we went to the National Archives. The national archives we didn't get a picture, because no flash photography is allowed when viewing the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. But it was so awesome to be able to see these documents!

Next time we want to do a tour on the segways

Executive building right next to the White house. Such a beautiful building.

Back of the White house.

At the WW2 memorial.
Someone else had kissed Washington.  Yay for Washington love.

In honor of Grandpa Butler (My mother-in-laws father) who served in WW2 and was injured but still lives today.  

Vietnam War Memorial 

Agreed. But sometimes it just happens I guess.

Love this. I think he was a great man. 

The capital building from the tower in the old post office!
August 10: Day 2 in DC!! We got to go back to see some of the museums of the Smithsonian. We only had the chance to go to the Natural History museum and the American History museum. But both of those took most of the day. I really enjoyed them and all the different exhibits they had! One of the best was the Star Spangled Banner, which they have the original flag on display, but it has to be kept in a dark room so no pictures are allowed. It was neat to see!

In the sculpture garden next to the Museum of Natural History 

Museum of Natural History! 

I could fit in that bone! 

We were acting like the giant sloth! 

Mormon's made it in! This is actually from the original Nauvoo temple. 
1 of 5 pairs of Dorothy's shoes from the Wizard of Oz! So cool! 

August 11: We got to go to the Washington DC temple, it was Paige's first time going through in preparation for her mission and the first time the Dewey family, minus Lacie and Nick, have gone to the temple together.

Dewey family! Minus Lacie and Nick..
August 13: Today was Paige's 22nd birthday! Sunday night JT and I used an idea from Pinterest and put up balloons between her bedroom door and trash bags, so when she woke up in the morning all the balloons would fall on her. To celebrate we went to Morven Park right in Leesburg which had a mansion we toured and a carriage tour. We ate at Willards, which was my first experience with Southern BBQ, which is very good! We ended the day with cheese fondue and brownie ice cream cake. YUM! It was a fun day and it was good to spend time with family.

August 14-16: Our last couple days were relaxing. We slept in, watched movies, Paige did a missionary clothing "fashion show", chocolate fondue, and a tour around downtown Leesburg where we looked around many antique shops and found cool old records, furniture, jewelry, cameras, signs, clothes, and pins. We ended up getting a pin from one of them that says "Dewey for President" and decided we'll make it into a magnet. 

My first two magnets! To start my collection. Thanks to my mother-in-law for starting us off by getting me the Colonial Williamsburg magnet.  
The bird in the airport!

We had a great time visiting the east coast and we're excited for when we will be able to come again!

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