Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Love Life

So I love my life. 

Recently I have been thinking how much I love school. Like I really enjoy going to school and reading for my classes. Especially this semester. Even though I'm sleep deprived. 
I think you truly know you have picked the right major when you love going to class everyday. 

I also love my job. It's super early in the morning, but thats the only negative. I love my boss, she always makes us food and is so sweet. I love the teachers I work with because all of the psychology teachers are so amazing. I love that I can do homework when I have nothing to do, which happens a lot. 

 I love my husband. He is always doing things to make me happy. Like recently I have been getting bad headaches in the afternoon, and he is so quick to take care of me. He is constantly complimenting me. And he is so patient with me.

I love my family. I don't get to see everyone a lot. But I enjoy the time I get with them. I was so thankful that my mom was able to stay with us for a few days before school started. And that Britt came back to Rexburg so I get to hang out with her again. 

I love the gospel and I'm constantly uplifted from going to church every Sunday. 

I love our apartment, because its away from the student life and its super nice. Plus our crazy neighbors got evicted a couple weeks ago so it's nice and quiet again. 

None of this stuff is really in any order. I'm just thankful right now. I really do have a great life. And I don't think it's because my life is easy. Because I really don't consider being married, full-time students with part-time jobs easy. But its not that hard either. I just hope I can stay this happy during times of great stress and trials. 

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