Tuesday, October 9, 2012

General Conference Weekend

This past weekend was General Conference. 

General Conference is a meeting that is broadcasted worldwide twice a year. There are five sessions, three on Saturday and two on Sunday. The leaders of the LDS church speak to us and give guidance and instruction. The meeting is located in Salt Lake City, Utah but it can be viewed both on the internet and through cable. It's a great opportunity to here from the prophet. For those of you who aren't members of the LDS church, you can find out about General Conference here.

Conference Center

This year conference was so awesome. I learned some much and felt the spirit so strongly. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to hear from the leaders of the church today.

The most shocking news was within the first ten minutes of the first session. President Monson announced two new temples (in Arizona and Peru) and they lowered the ages for missionaries! All guys can now leave for their missions at age 18-instead of 19. And girls can leave at 19! (instead of 21) That's so crazy! I was so shocked when I heard. My brother turns 18 in 6 months then graduates from high school in June, he could leave for his mission THIS SUMMER! Crazy. And some of my girls from my EFY group two summers ago are saying they will leave for missions in a couple years. It's so amazing how faithful the youth of today are.

A few of my favorite talks included:

Sister Dibb, 2nd counselor of the Young Women's spoke and declared "I'm a mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it." I loved this. This confidence is amazing and making this statement says something about your identity. After hearing her I decided I want to have the confidence to say the same.

In Elder Uchtdorf's talk I really felt his message that life is short and the choices we make are important. When we get older we don't want any regrets, especially the regret of not spending enough time with family. In this life we must do and become the person God would have us be, to be faithful.

I think Elder Perry was my top along with Elder Ballard. Elder Perry focused on marriage and family, that we make our own family culture and there are 5 things we can do to create a good family culture: pray to guide your children, do activities like FHE, scripture study and eat together, use church support, share your testimony with your children, and organize your family with clear rules, responsibilities, and wholesome activities. These things will help children live in the world but not of the world.

Elder Ballard focused on service and a love for others. He has inspired me to grow a desire in my heart to serve others to become a true disciple for Jesus Christ. And to remember that I can meet others needs and prayers by looking for any/every opportunity to serve others.

I also enjoyed Elder Hales talk about being a Christian what being a Christian entails. And Elder Gay's (of the Seventy) talk asked the question: Is a nickel really worth your salvation? We must give up all our sins for eternal life, and when we ask for the Lord's help he will give it, but it's also important to remember that eternal life is more than giving up sins, it's also acting and serving.

President Monson, the prophet, talked in the Sunday morning session about how our Heavenly Father knows and loves us perfectly. He hears and answers our prayers, so when we are serving others we are doing the Lord's work.

I'm excited for the Ensign to come out in November to reread all the talks and to learn more!

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