Monday, October 8, 2012


Since we got married we have been concerned with the fact that we are assigned to go to school at different times-JT is Fall/Winter and I Fall/Spring. But with school ending for both of us soon, there came a few problems. JT needs to do an internship to graduate December 2013, and all the good internships for a CIT major are during the summer, when I'm in school. And our school is very strict about sticking to your assigned track. And I didn't want to wait until next Fall to do my last semester, especially since my major is required to take a test (ETS) my last semester. And there is no way I'm not going to get my degree. 

But I only have 16 credits left after this semester, which can totally be done in one semester. So I used my connections with my job and I will now be going to school in the Winter!!! 

This means I will be graduating with my Bachelors of Science in Psychology, minoring in Marriage and Family Studies!

I finally got the official word this morning. 


But now I can't grasp what life will be like without school...since I haven't been out of school since I was 3-years-old in preschool.....


  1. You will first bask in the glory of not having homework, studies, or crazy school schedules....but then you will realize that you have more time to devote to family history, church callings, your husband/family....then you will wonder when you ever had time for school. Congratulations....You deserve it.

    1. Thank you Sister Mathison! It's true though, I'll have so much more time for fun things like reading, church stuff and family. I can't wait.

  2. First time on your blog...LOVE IT! Congrats on graduating so soon. I really can't believe that you are almost done. That seemed to fly by but it always does for the person who is not in it. So excited to follow you on your blog!

  3. Thanks Sister Wilhelm! It has gone fast though. I can't believe I'll have my bachelors in 6 months! And thank you! :)