Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This year was the first time both JT and I were able to vote for our president. 
In 2008 I was a senior in high school and still 17 years-old. 
JT was on his mission in Belgium/France and wasn't able to vote. 

Since I had previously registered to vote in Washington state when I was 18, I got to vote there! And JT voted in our county here in Idaho, Fremont county. 

Although we were both saddened that the person we wanted as president, Mitt Romney, wasn't elected. We weren't to surprised Obama won because he was already our president and generally people will get reelected. 

But the viewpoint we're trying to keep is that we won't die because Obama will be president for 4 more years. It's only 4 years right? Life could get harder...or things could change. I guess we'll have to wait to see. But it doesn't do any good to complain or make threats because the elections are over. 

It was sad though, the feeling that our votes don't count. With the outcome of how things are going in Washington, it feels to me as though my vote didn't matter. Nothing I voted for went the way I voted. Including the president, legalizing pot, and legalizing same-sex marriage. I'm mostly disappointed in the legalizing pot. Like really people? Although the results aren't final because it takes a couple days to count all the absentee ballots, that's how the results are looking. But in times like this I just need to remember to rely on the Lord. 

In the end, we're grateful we could vote. 

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