Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas in Washington

This year we were very grateful to spend Christmas with my family in Washington, especially since Thanksgiving wasn't spent with our family. And to me it was especially great because: 1) I haven't had to cook for a couple weeks, and 2) there is NO SNOW in DuPont :)

In celebration we spent Christmas Eve with the Walker side of the family at my Grandma and Grandpa Walker's home, like every other year. The time included a dinner with too much food, reading the real Christmas story in the scriptures, opening gifts, and my favorite-eating my Grandma's homemade chocolate Buche du Noel!

Christmas was spent by waking up too early with my family to open presents. Then JT and I were blessed to video chat through Google+ with the Dewey's, especially Paige who is serving an LDS mission in the Las Vegas West Mission! The rest of the day we baked and caught the 8pm showing of Les Miserables!

Overall it was an amazing Christmas filled with lots of family time and goodies.

{Traditional Walker family picture Christmas morning before we are allowed to open any gifts-gross!}

This year I attempted at making two treats, reindeer cookies and peppermint oreo truffles, both found through my pinterest. The reindeer cookies would have been great except I made them a little too big because I was in a rush. But they still turned out OK, mostly because you can't go wrong with peanut butter cookies :) And this was my third time making oreo truffles and I think I finally mastered the filling, last time I had a hard time crushing the oreos small enough but this time I had my husband help and they turned out great! Now I just need to learn a better technique for completely covering them in chocolate. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas like we did! 

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  1. mmmmm Oreo truffles sound really good! I love your family Christmas morning pic!