Saturday, December 15, 2012

My Husband, the Photographer

Here at BYU-Idaho you can choose to have a minor with your major, or you can have two clusters, which are half a minor. JT has photography as one of his clusters and this semester he took his first photography class. 

I always think his pictures are great, maybe because we're married? But a girl I work with approached me in November, she was in JT's photography class, and told me she thinks he's a really good photographer. So now I know it's not just me. He is great. 

So here are the pictures he worked on for the class this semester, they are all in black and white because that's how they had to be done for the class, to focus more on the different skills of photography instead of colors that can distract. 

We did this on Halloween. The matches we were using kept going out too fast to light the sparklers so we didn't get the exact affect JT was looking for, but it still turned out ok. 

Nik Hill, in his work environment

He didn't turn this one in for the assignment, I just think it turned out good...
Self-portrait, isn't this one awesome! He got 100% on this one!

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  1. J! They look awesome! You have the eye! My favorite is the 9th one down! SO great!