Monday, December 30, 2013

Reviewing 2013

2013 was so good to us. It was our second year of marriage and it brought so many good things!

We GRADUATED!! Both of us finished our Bachelor's degrees in 2013. I finished in April with my degree in Psychology and JT finished in December with his degree in Computer Information Technology (CIT).

Over the summer JT had the awesome opportunity to do his internship in Riverton, Utah so we made the move for the summer! Living in Utah for the summer brought lots of learning opportunities for JT, and lots of fun adventures and opportunities to spend more time with family.

JT and I at Utah Olympic Park in Park City
We also went to two concerts in Salt Lake! The first one was for JT's early birthday present, Coheed and Cambria, and the second one was The Postal Service--their song Such Great Heights is our song!

This year we had 3 weddings! Two of JT's old roommates got married, JT was able to go to both and I joined him for the second in Eastern Washington. Then my favorite cousin got married in Washington and we were so lucky to be there for it!

Kyle and Kaloni's wedding in Eastern Washington
Around this same time my younger brother left for his 2-year LDS service mission! He is serving in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana mission, Spanish speaking. I was blessed to visit home for a few days before he left!

But then sadly because of all our travels our car continued to give us troubles. First the battery went completely dead, so we replaced it. Then a week later one of the front tires blew during a road trip! So we replaced all the tires, since they were all balled. Now our Buick seems to be doing well, and JT took an auto class his last semester to do a better job with taking care of our car.

Although no one knew it, most of the year JT and I were trying to start the extension of our family. Thinking about this I realized how long my hair is and how much babies love to play with it. So I chopped it off! It was a big change but I LOVE IT! It takes 5 minutes to blow dry my hair (I wouldn't even attempt it with my rapunzel hair before, it would take forever), and I now can go a couple days without having to re-straighten it. 

JT also decided he wanted to take his level of nerd up a few notches, and he built his own PC. 

And my sister finally decided she wants to join the married club, so she got engaged is planning her wedding for April 2014.

We got our first niece in August. So far JT's older sister, Lacie, is the only one who has had kids and the first three were all boys! 

And shortly after our niece joined the family JT and I found out we will be joining a new club, the baby club!!

Baby Dewey is expected to join us June 11, 2014. After all that has happened to us this year we are so excited for 2014, our third year of marriage! 

Happy New Year to all our friends and family!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas + 2-year Anniversary

This year we spent our anniversary and Christmas in Idaho. With JT and my sister, Brittany, graduating just 5 days before Christmas it was easier to stay in Idaho. So after our anniversary we joined my family in Sun Valley to stay in a nice, cozy condo to celebrate Christmas together.

Since our anniversary is so close to Christmas, 3 days, we always seem to combine it with Christmas. So on Monday we drove to Sun Valley, and were pleasantly surprised with the warmer weather. Sun Valley is about 3 hours from Rexburg (the coldest place on earth, you would think it is the North Pole or something, but I'm convinced it's Rexburg). As JT and I were driving there it kept getting warmer and warmer, and the whole week it stayed at about 40 degrees. We hadn't been that warm since the beginning of November! And there wasn't much snow, compared to Rexburg of course. My parents rented a nice condo in Ketchum, but had to pay for the whole week and since they had to leave the day after Christmas JT and I got a free place to stay for the rest of the week! Happy Anniversary to us!

The weeks events in pictures:

Ward Christmas party a week and a half before Christmas

Although we spent the actual week of Christmas with the Walker family, we also got to spend the weekend before with JT's parents who visited us in Idaho for JT's graduation. This is JT teaching his dad how to be a nerd while bowling. We played 2 games, and neither of them won :)

Christmas Eve
For part of JT's Christmas, my parents bought him a lift ticket on Christmas Eve for one of the mountains in Sun Valley. JT had a blast and was doing great until at the end of the day he got over confident and fell on his face :(
The rest of the family went sledding. I decided to stay at the condo because of my pregnancy, some people think I'm being overly safe but I would rather be too safe than sorry!
Such a fun town! They had cool ice sculptures everywhere. 

The resort in Sun Valley had a great little Christmas Eve production, with the Nutcracker on ice, followed by a parade of skiers with lights going down the mountain, then fireworks. The couple next to us got engaged during the fireworks! 


JT and I brought our tree so the condo could be a little more festive.

Ginger-man Decorating Contest, ours is the Gingerbreadman, Super Hero of Ginger World.
The best part of Christmas is spending time with family, whether you are with them or you talk to them via video chat. This year JT and I have two siblings serving LDS missions. This is a picture of my family on Skype with Jordan, who is serving in Louisiana. We also got to talk with JT's sister, Paige, who is serving in Las Vegas, but I forgot to snap a picture when we talked to her.

Anniversary/Alone Time in Sun Valley
Like I said before, my parents paid for the whole week in the condo but had to leave on the 26th, so JT and I were excited to have the place to ourselves Thursday-Saturday. Thursday we had fun hanging out, taking over the Master bedroom my parents had previously used, and going around town admiring the fun shops. We went to this nice restaurant my dad had some extra coupons for, and I ordered the nice duck entree and JT got this fancy Hamburger. All seemed well, until later I started to feel horrible but I figured it was just my pregnancy. But then I woke up at 4am on Friday with food poisoning...

JT soon joined me and we spent the remainder of our fun vacation in the bathroom. We were both completely miserable. I will forever rate this day in my top 5 of worst days of my life. I can't even describe how miserable I was. I have never had food poisoning before, but having it combined with pregnancy is just horrible! Plus JT was just as sick as me so he couldn't take care of me, we just did our best to take care of ourselves and slept all day. This is the picture I sent to my parents, me taking over the bed (although not to unusual for me).

So our week ended horribly, but we are still so grateful for the wonderful Christmas we had! We were able to spend time with family and we are so grateful for the gifts that were given to us. We hope all our friends enjoyed their Christmas!

Friday, December 13, 2013

I'm Going to be a MOMMY!

Imagine. It's a Sunday afternoon, on a typical windy Rexburg Fall day, and I literally can't stop thinking about drinking enough water to be able to force myself to pee for at least 5 seconds. After drinking two water bottles in an hour I run to the bathroom, to pee on a stick...

At this point I didn't know it, but I was four weeks pregnant! 
This video doesn't even accurately display my excitement. As I mentioned, I went off birth control in April. And it felt like every period was that much worse since they were more unwelcome then ever before. As soon as the period was a couple days late and I was feeling nauseous, I knew this time was different. 

I feel so blessed that we have been able to get pregnant relatively easily. But it didn't feel that way working up to it. I began to get very impatient and jealous of others as the months went by. I know you should be nothing but excited for friends and family when they announce they are pregnant, which I was for every one of them, but also a big dose of jealousy. I couldn't help myself. 

At first it wasn't too big of a deal. I would think, oh they recently got married and are already pregnant? Good for them. Then after 5 months, I would complain to my loving husband and close sister-in-law, Lyndsay. But, it's not my friends fault they are so fertile! 

And now looking back the jealousy is gone. That feeling is replaced with a bunch of nerves and excitement. We are so excited to be parents and welcome Baby Dewey into our family in June, but it is scary! I'm going to be a mom?! 

I also feel SO blessed. As the weeks went by I continued to only have minor symptoms, (except fatigue-I'm always tired). I wonder if it's partly because I'm young and in good health? Or I'm just one of those lucky girls that has an easy first trimester. Either way I feel blessed that as I am starting my second trimester I haven't gotten any morning sickness.

So far I have had 3 doctor appointments, although the first one wasn't a real one, it was more of doing paperwork, getting acquainted with the clinic (which is awesome), and answering all my questions.
 My second appointment was our first ultrasound! I was so nervous leading up to it, only having a home pregnancy test to say I'm pregnant, what if I'm one of those weird girls that got a false positive and phantom nausea? But I'm not crazy! Being at the end of 8 weeks we saw our baby!

At 8 weeks baby had a strong heartbeat of 173/minute! We got to see baby moving around, wiggling babies little arms and legs, and watching the heart beating, it was truly one of the most amazing and beautiful things I have ever seen. We made a human, and it's moving and growing inside of me!

This week we had our third appointment and I met with my doctor for the first time, and it's funny because my doctor is also from Tacoma, Washington! His name is Doctor Evans at Madison Women's Clinic, and we chatted for a long time about how he knows my grandparents, my dad, a bunch of family friends, and my old OB from Tacoma, Doctor Nickel. Anyways, the appointment went well and we got to actually hear the heartbeat this time!

Originally we were going to wait to share the news on Christmas, with some kind of cute Christmas picture, but then I got anxious. So we decided lets share on our anniversary, 3 days before Christmas. But then I started to just get tired of keeping the secret, and I started to tell some JT made me at least wait until my appointment this week. Haha...I can be impatient at times. So, sorry to close friends and family we didn't get to tell personally before the announcement on facebook, I'm just to excited to let everyone know that I'M GOING TO BE A MOMMY!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


November was exciting. 

The first of November I traveled down to Utah for Brittany and Jason's engagement, and to hang out with my mom all weekend.

The next weekend we traveled home, to Washington! My favorite cousin, Chelsey, got married in Port Angeles so Brittany, Jason, JT and I made the long journey for the weekend to be there for her special day. It was a beautiful wedding!

Then our wonderful sister-in-law visited Idaho for her brother's LDS mission farewell.

And finally Thanksgiving. Last year was my first time away from home, but we still didn't make Thanksgiving dinner because our friend's parents invited us. This year JT had to work Thanksgiving night (he gets the worst shifts) and the rest of the weekend. Luckily my lifetime friend Bekkah came up from Provo, Utah to spend Thanksgiving with us and her brother, Hayden, who also goes to BYU-Idaho. So we went to WINCO and had fun figuring out how to make a turkey and other sides. The end process was great! We were quite impressed with our turkey cooking abilities. 

And now it's December. In Idaho. So it's freezing, windy, and the first bad snow came last night so it's icy. But we do have a lot to be grateful for so I'll just try to remember those things. Like the fact that in a couple weeks JT will be graduating from BYU-Idaho! And our two-year anniversary is coming up quickly. 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween and Proposals

Fall is the best time of the year. Well almost. It's still not too cold (mostly, we do live in Idaho). It's the sweet spot between summer and Christmas (sweater season!) And so many exciting things happen! For us we had a fun Halloween and a proposal. 

In preparation for Halloween, a couple weeks ago we went to the Haunted Straw Maze with some married friends. It wasn't as scary as it was hard to find our way out!
For Halloween we decided to dress as our favorite TV couple, Sheldon and Amy from Big Bang Theory. 
At our ward Halloween party our neighbors showed up also dressed up as Sheldon and Amy....we pulled it off better :)

It was a great Halloween and we had fun going to parties all night. The morning after Halloween I left JT in Rexburg as I traveled down to SLC. No one could know I was going down though, because it was a secret! My mom flew down and we hung out until Saturday night at the Jazz game where my sister got proposed to! 

Jason wanted to involve friends and family but also surprise Brittany. So I drove down to Utah with Jason's awesome parents, who live in Pocatello, Idaho. Mom and I had fun in SLC Friday and Saturday, going to our favorite downtown places, including going to the SLC temple, while also avoiding Brittany.  

Saturday night was the Jazz game. Jason got them great seats and we got cheap seats at the top to hide. Jason worked with the mascot for the proposal, right before half time he went to their seats with a dozen red roses, gave them to Brittany (after pretending to give them to one of the other couples sitting by them). Then he handed over a little ball that said "Will you marry me?" and some chocolate kisses. Brittany said yes immediately but the mascot made Jason get on his knee and made her stand. Then while they were kissing he covered them (and anyone sitting near them) with silly string. It was fun to watch from the other side of the arena. Afterwards I called Britt and told her to look across at our signs that said "Congrats" and "She Said Yes!!" So now it's official and they are getting married in April!