Sunday, January 27, 2013

So Much Snow

JT is still taking classes on photography so he is constantly going out to take new pictures. This afternoon he needed to focus on nature, so plants and animals. And after all the snow we have gotten in the last few hours we thought it would be fun to take some extra pictures:

Look how deep that snow is!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

So like I have said before, I'm taking a Practical Homemaking course this semester. For this class we go through three rotations, cooking, home decor, and sewing. My first rotation is cooking. This past week we learned how to make noodles from scratch! This is something I have wanted to learn because I have always loved my moms noodles. 

For homework for this class, after we learn something we have to make a meal at home using the new skills. So I decided to make my mom's awesome recipe, chicken noodle soup with homemade noodles. 

It turned out great, but I found a couple problems that I hope to do better with next time:

  • The noodles stuck to the counter after letting them sit for a little bit, so I might want to add more flour next time. 
  • I didn't add quite enough water.
I even got JT's approval! Chicken Noodle Soup isn't his favorite, but he liked this one and said it's better than Campbells! Although it's not the best compliment because he doesn't like Campbells very much. 

Jesus Wants Me for a SUNBEAM!

So in October we started teaching the Sunbeams and we have loved it. Mostly because our class stays between 3-5 kids a week. Very manageable. 

With the new year we got new kids, fresh out of nursery. We have definitely noticed the difference, trying to teach them primary is fun because they get a little scared after leaving nursery. But it's been good. 

We have also learned that younger kids are the funniest ones. Like today they were learning the verses to I Am A Child of God in singing time, and one of them kept saying "in the door" instead of "endure." I couldn't help myself from laughing. 

We also do a lot of drawing in Sunbeams. It's funny when we say to draw pictures of your family, they just scribble all over then say, this is an elevator or an alligator. haha. Such a cute age three is. 

From left to right: Isabella (vistor), Weston, Tag, and Max. We also have a girl named Sadie, but she wasn't here today.

We also have fun singing during our class time, but they only sort of know three songs: Snowman, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, and SUNBEAM!

We feel so blessed to teach these kids every week. And it's good parenting prep! 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Count Down!

So I'm getting really excited to graduate this semester.

So I made a paper chain. haha.
Got this idea from some friends. But now I'm getting even more excited!!!
Only 88 more days!!!!! {As of January 14th}

In other news....

This is my fourth year living in Idaho and I had never fallen because of the crazy ice or snow. Slipped? yes. But not fallen on my butt.
This changed yesterday, leaving church. It was still about -10 degrees outside and apparently the snow from the night before had iced over a litte outside the church building. As we were leaving I just biffed it. And I wasn't even wearing heels! 
Luckily JT was the only one who witnessed this tragic event.
But, I can no longer say I haven't fallen in Idaho.
And, now I'm worried that this one fall will lead to a string of many falls...

Also, today our power was out from about 5:30-10:30. That was fun. With the negative weather in all. But luckily it came back and we are warm in our apartment again! And I didn't have any of my classes or work today. JT still had all his classes and work though. With his new job they have a monitor so they can constantly monitor the systems on campus. 

The perks of living in Idaho?

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Last First Day at BYUI

Today was my first last day of school at BYU-Idaho!

It's so crazy. After being a student my whole life it feels like it's not really my last semester. But I'm sure in a couple weeks I'll be a little more grateful it's my last...I'm currently registered to take 19 credits for this semester. I need at least 16 to graduate this April, 12 of them have to be psychology credits because that's the only area I haven't finished. 

Right now I'm currently taking:
  • Motivation/Emotion (psych)
  • Sensation/Perception (psych)
  • Adult Development (psych)
  • Work Psychology (psych-obviously)
  • World Religions (elective-but I think important because if I want to work with people I need to have an understanding for what they believe)
  • Practical Homemaking (elective-since I'll soon be a homemaker)
  • The Family (elective & online)
I'm kind of nervous that I'll get too stressed with all these classes because I'm also working about 17 hours a week. So right now I'm considering either dropping my family class (although I do want to take it because it looks into the research done on families) or I'm going to request to audit my world religions class, so I won't receive credit for it but I could attend the class for the discussions and do the assignments I want to for my own learning. I guess I better decide soon!

JT also has a pretty busy semester, but not horrible. It's his second to last semester, he plans to graduate fall 2013. Right now he is registered for:
  • Systems Analyze and Design
  • Digital Imaging
  • Digital Photography
  • Operating Systems II
  • Network Design

And today JT got a NEW JOB! YAY! He was tired of his old job that he had been working at for 4 semesters, it didn't challenge him and many times he went through projects too quickly. So now he'll be  working for the IT department in the administration building on campus. He's really excited for the things he's going to be learning and experience he'll be gaining.

Oh and it stayed between 10-20 degrees today...a little better than the negatives right?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Review of 2012

This past year has been pretty exciting, as any other newlywed's year would be! 

We got married right before the new year, then moved into our apartment together in St. Anthony, Idaho! We have loved living together and decorating our home. 

This year we had a lot of opportunities to visit the Walker family in Washington:

Which gave us the experience of acting as a couple in the youth trek trip

And our second Christmas together!

We were also blessed with the opportunity to visit the Dewey family in Virginia, giving me a first time touching the Atlantic ocean! 

We also got to see the Dewey's when they came to Idaho in October to celebrate the life of JT's grandpa, Jay Dell Butler.

This year I learned more about cooking and even mastered a couple of recipes!

I also turned 21 this year! But I don't drink so I haven't noticed any difference...

We got to go to JT's sister Paige's graduation from BYU then see her leave for her 18-month mission in Las Vegas!

I got to see two of my best friends get married in the temple!
{Natalya and Aaron Peet}
{Melissa and Logan Green}
We got to see Bill Cosby and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform in Rexburg

Pax, my sister's boyfriend, got baptized and received the Aaronic priesthood

We had tons of date nights with these newlyweds!

We got to vote for the president for the first time! (JT was on his mission during the last election)

It was my first time away from home for Thanksgiving, we were blessed to spend it with the Udall family in Montana. 

And we spent our 1-year anniversary in Portland! (since the world didn't end)

Overall 2012 was great and we have learned a lot together as a married couple. We are so excited for what 2013 has in store for us, especially our graduations (Kj:April, JT:December)! We are also nervous for what this year has in store, since graduating always brings its surprises, deciding if we move for a job or apply for graduate school, for JT? I guess time will tell where we go.

We have started by setting both personal and couple goals, most are personal so won't be shared here but they are written down! Which I have learned makes them more likely to happen. 

I hope everyone had a great 2012 like us! Hopefully 2013 treats us the same, or better!