Monday, January 14, 2013

Count Down!

So I'm getting really excited to graduate this semester.

So I made a paper chain. haha.
Got this idea from some friends. But now I'm getting even more excited!!!
Only 88 more days!!!!! {As of January 14th}

In other news....

This is my fourth year living in Idaho and I had never fallen because of the crazy ice or snow. Slipped? yes. But not fallen on my butt.
This changed yesterday, leaving church. It was still about -10 degrees outside and apparently the snow from the night before had iced over a litte outside the church building. As we were leaving I just biffed it. And I wasn't even wearing heels! 
Luckily JT was the only one who witnessed this tragic event.
But, I can no longer say I haven't fallen in Idaho.
And, now I'm worried that this one fall will lead to a string of many falls...

Also, today our power was out from about 5:30-10:30. That was fun. With the negative weather in all. But luckily it came back and we are warm in our apartment again! And I didn't have any of my classes or work today. JT still had all his classes and work though. With his new job they have a monitor so they can constantly monitor the systems on campus. 

The perks of living in Idaho?

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  1. I don't imagine that women in Idaho wear heels at all. Seems to me it would be a rather dumb thing to do (oh the vanity), LOL! Good for you. Imagine if you'd been wearing heels--ouch!