Sunday, January 20, 2013

Jesus Wants Me for a SUNBEAM!

So in October we started teaching the Sunbeams and we have loved it. Mostly because our class stays between 3-5 kids a week. Very manageable. 

With the new year we got new kids, fresh out of nursery. We have definitely noticed the difference, trying to teach them primary is fun because they get a little scared after leaving nursery. But it's been good. 

We have also learned that younger kids are the funniest ones. Like today they were learning the verses to I Am A Child of God in singing time, and one of them kept saying "in the door" instead of "endure." I couldn't help myself from laughing. 

We also do a lot of drawing in Sunbeams. It's funny when we say to draw pictures of your family, they just scribble all over then say, this is an elevator or an alligator. haha. Such a cute age three is. 

From left to right: Isabella (vistor), Weston, Tag, and Max. We also have a girl named Sadie, but she wasn't here today.

We also have fun singing during our class time, but they only sort of know three songs: Snowman, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, and SUNBEAM!

We feel so blessed to teach these kids every week. And it's good parenting prep! 

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  1. LUCKY!! I would love that. Logan and I teach Sunday School! But at least it's the family relations class. I would much rather teach that than gospel doctrine. Anyway, sounds like fun! :)