Monday, January 7, 2013

My Last First Day at BYUI

Today was my first last day of school at BYU-Idaho!

It's so crazy. After being a student my whole life it feels like it's not really my last semester. But I'm sure in a couple weeks I'll be a little more grateful it's my last...I'm currently registered to take 19 credits for this semester. I need at least 16 to graduate this April, 12 of them have to be psychology credits because that's the only area I haven't finished. 

Right now I'm currently taking:
  • Motivation/Emotion (psych)
  • Sensation/Perception (psych)
  • Adult Development (psych)
  • Work Psychology (psych-obviously)
  • World Religions (elective-but I think important because if I want to work with people I need to have an understanding for what they believe)
  • Practical Homemaking (elective-since I'll soon be a homemaker)
  • The Family (elective & online)
I'm kind of nervous that I'll get too stressed with all these classes because I'm also working about 17 hours a week. So right now I'm considering either dropping my family class (although I do want to take it because it looks into the research done on families) or I'm going to request to audit my world religions class, so I won't receive credit for it but I could attend the class for the discussions and do the assignments I want to for my own learning. I guess I better decide soon!

JT also has a pretty busy semester, but not horrible. It's his second to last semester, he plans to graduate fall 2013. Right now he is registered for:
  • Systems Analyze and Design
  • Digital Imaging
  • Digital Photography
  • Operating Systems II
  • Network Design

And today JT got a NEW JOB! YAY! He was tired of his old job that he had been working at for 4 semesters, it didn't challenge him and many times he went through projects too quickly. So now he'll be  working for the IT department in the administration building on campus. He's really excited for the things he's going to be learning and experience he'll be gaining.

Oh and it stayed between 10-20 degrees today...a little better than the negatives right?


  1. Interesting news. Can I ask who the World Religions teacher is? It all depends upon who the teacher is... That class was awesome with Gary Purse. I have heard suspicious things about some of the others...
    Also, 19 credits is insane. It doesn't matter what you are taking. Narrow it down! Good luck. Tough decision. Also, sell back all of your books. You will never, ever read them again (and I am an instructor...).

  2. The world religions teacher was brother peterson, i guess there are 3 teachers for the class. I did end up dropping it today though...he was expecting a lot of work for a 2 credit religion class. So now I'm down to 17 credits! Which is the same as I was last semester, just that none of my classes are really easy except my family class.