Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

So it was Valentine's day yesterday. And I felt like looking back to JT and my first Valentines day:

This story brings so many memories: happiness, confusion, and laughter.

For those of you who don't know, JT and I met Fall 2010 at school. We became friends but I went home for the winter and didn't come back to Idaho until April 2011. But we kept in contact all semester because we liked each other (duh). So around Valentines day JT kept dropping hints, but I don't consider it a real holiday so JT decided not to do anything.

But then Lyndsay (our awesome sister-in-law) was talking to JT on Valentines day, asking what he was doing for me, because everyone knew we liked each other because of how much we talked on Facebook. JT said he was doing nothing, "Kjersten hates Valentines day". But Lyndsay knows girls and convinced JT to do something because every girl likes to have a Valentine.

JT worked at the Copy Spot on campus at the time, which has a video camera that updates every 30 seconds on the school website. So at about 8 at night he texts me and asks if I can get on the webcam, I respond a few minutes later with "ok...". I get on and see him there by the desk, but not holding the sign you see above. I see him just waving at me. I thought he was being a little weird but I liked him so I was just a little confused. But on JT's side he had started holding the sign up immediately after he texted me, so when he got my response of "ok..." he thought that was my response to "be my Valentine?"


He was a little crushed because he thought something more was going on, and it was but I didn't know about the sign yet. Luckily JT asked his roommate Cooper to snap a picture of him holding the sign. Later they posted it on Facebook and I was completely confused. I texted him and asked when he held the sign up. He was then confused, saying that I said "ok...".


After seeing this picture I said I would be his valentine and I seriously laughed about it all night. And poor JT was going through an emotional roller coaster. 

But in the end it worked out. That weekend he visited Washington with his friend Nik, although it was two days after I got my wisdom teeth out. We held hands. And 10 months later we got married. 

This will forever be my favorite story of us, and my all-time favorite Valentine's day. 

Now we continue to celebrate Valentine's Day, even if it's not a real holiday. 

The day's leading up to Valentine's day JT decided to start fattening me up.  But I don't mind,  I love  doughnuts and chocolate so much!
JT got a dozen roses to be sent to me at work the day before V-day, because  on V-day I' don't have a consistent schedule and he had a photo trip in Montana all day.
I also got this awesome Valentine from my boss, Sister Sharp. She really is the best. Always giving me  fun treats and gifts just for fun. 
A couple weeks before Valentine's day JT and I agreed not to do anything special because we just had Christmas and our first anniversary. Obviously JT changed his mind. All I got him was a card! (better than nothing?)

On the day of Valentine's day I got sick and felt horrible by the time JT got back from his 12 hour photo trip to Montana. We missed each other but at the end of the day we got to say we loved each other. And that's what Valentine's day is really about, right?

Monday, February 11, 2013


JT had to take some more pictures for his class, this time the assignment was portraits. I thought the pictures turned out great so I wanted to share!

The Hills:

Proof I use my Kitchen Aid: