Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Home Decor

So as I have said before, I'm taking a Practical Homemaking class this semester and the last few weeks of the class I have been in the Home Decor section. Although I haven't liked all our activities, like the "personality" quizzes we had to take, I have enjoyed the crafty things we have done. I have even reorganized our living room to create more space because of this class. 

Some projects we have done:

Mod Podge. 
It was way easier than I thought! Plus now I have a ton left over so I'm excited for some more projects!
For instructions on how to mod podge check out the blog Sassy Pepper

This is an 8X10 on a canvas painted black.

Creative Name Assignment.
This one was harder and of course JT did a lot of the work to help me...like actually taking the pictures and editing them. But I was with him! We got the letters from the temple grounds here in Rexburg. 
It's crazy to look at this and realize that it is 2013 and we got married in 2011!

Housing Project.
For this assignment we had to find floor plans for a home we liked then pick a social room and bedroom to draw out and design. It was a lot of work but I really enjoyed it. I designed a Study and Nursery. I chose to do the nursery initially because I couldn't decide on anything for the master bedroom, haha. But I ended up loving designing the nursery! There are so many great ideas! But in the end I decided on designing a gender neutral room with grays and whites, then depending on the sex of the baby you add blue or pink accents. I hope in the future we can use some of these ideas for a nursery! Here is an example I found from Pinterest, I love the stripes:

Now I'm moving onto the last rotation of the class next week, sewing! Super nervous but also excited to learn some basics. Sewing is such a great skill to have as a homemaker, and maybe someday I can be as good as my mom (who is amazing with quilts)!

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