Monday, March 11, 2013

JT's Twenty-Fourth Birthday!

So on March 8th JT had his 24th birthday! Crazy how time flies. 

To celebrate his birthday, we technically started celebrating in February when we went to the Coheed and Cambria concert in Salt Lake City, UT. It was a long concert but JT loved every minute of Coheed and Cambria. He got a new shirt and a signed record!

On the actual day of JT's birth he had church basketball, which he invited some friends to come play and watch. And he got to open some presents from me, his lovely wife, which included some new Eiffel Tower cufflinks, Bananagrams, The Dark Night (bluray, completing our Batman collection), 2 nerf guns (because we can't afford the real guns), and a basket full of his favorite goodies: Doritos, mountain dew, Reese's (eggs), Hershey's chocolates, and two 007 DVD's. 

Then Saturday night (we made it a birthday weekend) JT got to go snowboarding with his great friend Cooper, then we had some friends over for a game night and some chocolate ice cream cake! Yum!

Overall JT considers it a great birthday, but he doesn't seem any different. :) 

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