Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sunday Will Come

As many of you might remember, JT's Grandpa Butler passed away in October. Well on March 11th his brother, Wallace Troy Butler, passed away. 

Since Uncle Troy lived in the area JT and I had the opportunity to go to the funeral in Driggs. It was a beautiful service, filled with loving family. It was interesting because Uncle Troy remarried in the 90's after his first wife had passed away. About a week after he got married (after courting for a very short amount of time) they left to serve missions together for 14 years in South America! I only got to meet him once, but from all the stories I heard he was a very amazing, faithful man that held many talents. The best part was that he lived so long, this year he would have turned 93!

After the service we went to visit Grandpa Butler at the cemetery. It was great to go back and put some flowers next to both Grandma and Grandpa Butler.

JT's cousin Morgan and her boyfriend, Brandon

Since then I was watching some Mormon Messages, and came upon these two messages (linked below). I thought they were such great messages about coping with death and the time leading up to it. It is a great blessing to have a faith in the gospel and know that Sunday will come.

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