Monday, April 15, 2013


I am now officially an Alumni from Brigham Young University-Idaho! Graduating with my Bachelor's of Science in Psychology, minoring in Marriage and Family Studies.

The last couple months I have been reflecting a lot on BYU-Idaho and the education I have received. I have felt very blessed to go to a university that is so affordable but also great in quality. I have loved my classes and professors. This school is great for so many reasons, first it is a place to increase our faith in the Savior and His gospel, but it is also a great place to learn about your field of study. My whole time here I only had two classes that were over 50 people, Psych 111 and American Foundations (History). Otherwise the max class size was 40 and I even had a class with 8 students. The teachers truly did care about each student and their ability to be successful.

I have also loved going to BYU-Idaho because it has instilled in me a love for learning. This last year I have decided I won't be going to graduate school immediately. I am willingly sacrificing what I want so that my husband can pursue his career, after he graduates in December. So I started developing interests in other skills, like cooking and sewing so I took my Practical Homemaking class my last semester and started to develop those skills. I have also gained interest in learning piano and reading music, knowing this my in-laws got me a full-sized keyboard for my graduation/birthday gift! I am also interested in learning French because my husband and most of my dad's side of the family speaks it. So although I am now graduated, I am still learning something new everyday!

I was so blessed to have so much of my family visit for my graduation. Here are a few pictures from graduation day:

Me with the Ricks building. I basically spent more time here than my apartment my last two years. 

With one of my favorite professors, Dr. Richard Cluff
Another one of my favorite professors, Dr. Samuel Clay, Department Chair of the Psychology Department
Turns out I'm related to one of my fellow classmates! Michael is son to my mother-in-laws cousin, only in the Mormon community right?! He also talked in our colleges convocation and did a great job! 

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