Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sewing 101

So my third rotation in my Homemaking class was sewing. 
What did I learn?
Sewing is HARD. Especially when you want everything to be perfect but you have no idea what you are doing. But I have learned some things and enjoyed it, even though it took more time than I would like for an elective course.

We had two projects for this rotation, a pillow and a jean apron.

The pillow was harder than it sounds. We had to get the fabric, prewash it, measure it, sew the front together, embroider it, sew in an invisible zipper, then put it all together. It was hard but it was very satisfying to have something look right after spending 1 hour after class working on it!

It says "All because two people fell in LOVE". Sadly the machines I was using kept messing up so the "two" and "fell" are messed up, when I get the materials I plan to fix them by hand stitching them.

The jean apron. Weird right? Who wants to have a jean apron?
I think my teacher decided to do jean because it gives us the chance to sew with different fabric, since our pillows were cotton. I just kept it simple so I could finish earlier and focus on finals for my other classes. So all I did was cut it up, sew on the bias, and sew on a pocket! Pretty easy!

After learning some of the basics of sewing I decided I want to learn more!  Especially if I'm going to be a homemaker now. So for a graduation gift my amazing Grandma Walker gave me one of her sewing machines! She only used it for button holes, so it is her lightly used sewing machine :)

I'm excited to keep learning! Maybe someday I can be as good as my mom!

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