Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Extreme Everything

So my Uncle Michael works for UVU, as I have referenced before, as an Administrator for the Wasatch campus. That being said he had a ton of extra passes to the Utah Olympic Park in Park City from an event they did a while ago. So this past Saturday we spent the day up there doing all the fun activities! 

When we first got there we saw this. This is where skiers train in the summer, it was a lot of fun to watch. The picture below shows one of them in action!

With my cousins! Baby Austin and Xander
Michael wanted to take pictures with JT's phone :)

This is a picture of JT and I coming down from the Extreme Zip-line! It was amazing! The next picture was from us right after, sadly we only did it once because the line was really long!

Michael, Heather, and Airick coming down the Extreme Zip-line
This was us ready to go for the Drop Tower, where you zip-line to a tower that you are harnessed to and just drop down a few stories, and the Extreme Ropes Course. They were terrifying but a lot of fun! We also got to do what I would call an Extreme Slide, it started as high up as the Extreme Zip-Line but it was a slide, kind of like a safe roller coaster. 
It was such a fun day, and it was cool to see where some of the Salt Lake Olympics took place. 

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