Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Goodbye Idaho, Hello Utah...for 3 Months

So we are now officially moved out of our first apartment in Idaho, and live in a much smaller place in Provo. It is bittersweet. We really miss our place in Saint Anthony because we were so spoiled there, we had 900 square feet, with washer and dryer, dishwasher, and a huge bathroom. Although our new place is older, a plus is that it does have air conditioning, internet and cable. 

The move has mostly been hard because we moved from our one and only place together. We moved into the Old West Apartments in Saint Anthony a week after we got married. But life is about moving forward, and JT's internship in Riverton is great! 

Yesterday, Monday June 3rd was his first day of his internship with the church, and it was great! Apparently his boss emailed everyone to let them know JT was coming, and in the email talked about how great he is and lucky they are to have him. And JT has his own desk and a laptop they gave him. Having such a great internship makes moving so worth it. 

This move has also made me grateful. Moving I was having a hard time parting with all our stuff and comfort. The morning after we got here we were able to find a free couch and $5 desk. We still need some more furniture but we feel blessed with what we have, and are grateful to have some great friends and family in the area. So here's some pictures of what our apartment looks like so far!

Our "bed"

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  1. At culinary school one of the teachers once told me "you can do anything for 6 months" they were referring to our internships... And it's true! You can handle anything for 6 months.. Or in your case three :) good luck! I'm glad his first day went well and that he got a great referral!