Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Living in a Bigger City

Living in Provo I have realized how small Rexburg and Saint Anthony are. For example, going to the Orem mall was the first big mall I had been to since Christmas in Washington. Then we went to the City Creek Center in Salt Lake, and WOW it is amazing. 

Life in a bigger city has brought a lot more fun to the meaning "going out". Lately we have visited temples, gone on the BYU campus, went to the best arcade ever, Nickel City, and so much more. So here are some pictures of our recent adventures:

Leaving Idaho with only what can fit in our car.
The whole reason we came to Utah, JT still loves his internship. (Coming home from his first day)
When we first moved in none of the kitchen electricity was working. Luckily the gas on the stove did, so all week we were limited to just the gas stove. No oven, toaster, kitchen aid, etc. Finally a whole week after we moved in someone came and fixed the bad wiring job they did right before we moved in. 

Above you can see we finally got a bed! We decided on an air mattress so it will last us more than just this summer. We also got a couch cover, although a little big it helps us forget the dirty, duct taped couch underneath. You can also see above, our new decorations!

Slab Pizza, a place right next to the BYU campus. I still think it is more of a pizza itself than just a slice, or slab. 
Nickel City High Roller

At Temple Square

A picture of mine from Instagram. When we went to City Creek Center we tried Kneaders, a new place to us that is like Panera and is just as good! We loved it! 
I also have some good news, I have a part-time job! My amazing Uncle Michael got me a job as a writing tutor with UVU. Wednesdays I work in the main campus and Fridays I work with him in the Wasatch Campus. I am so excited to be working again! My first day (Wednesday 6/12) was officially 2 months since I graduated from BYUI so it is about time I start doing more with my time. 

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