Monday, August 12, 2013

Car Struggles

This past weekend JT and I had the opportunity to go to our friends wedding in Eastern Washington. What seemed like it would be a quick trip turned into an expensive adventure. 

A week before our trip to Richland, WA our car battery died. It had been struggling for a while but it finally gave out so we had to buy and put in a new battery. We thought for sure our car would be good to go. False. Thursday night we drove to Rexburg and stayed with our newlywed friends, Josh and McKenna Naatjes, then on Friday drove with them for the 8 hour drive. About 3 hours in our tire blows. We are in the middle of no-where Idaho, 2 miles out of the smallest town ever, Bliss. 

 So JT and Josh put on the spare tire only to realize this tire is also flat. Fail. So they put the first tire back on and we drive into town for 2 miles. By the time we get to the gas station the tire is completely ruined. Literally there is no more air in it and it doesn't even look like it was ever a tire. 

Distressed I walk into the gas station and ask if there is anywhere in town we can get a tire. The sweet older lady gives me a number saying this guy is the one to call for car problems. I call it and soon this guy comes to help us, Lucky Mike. He was the perfect example of a small-town Idaho character. He had lived an interesting life and didn't mind sharing his stories with us. 

Lucky Mike really was lucky for us. He checked our tires and looking at the other front tire told us it was next to blow, another 5 minutes we would be out of two tires. He didn't have any 2 tires that would go on our car but he did have 4. Three weeks earlier another Buick Regal was driving through town and the engine went so the people just left the car with Mike. This car had just gotten brand new Michelin tires that fit our car perfectly. So for a great price we got 4 brand new tires. 

About 5 hours later, a few hundred dollars, and a fresh sunburn, we were back on the road to get to the wedding. Once we got back on the road it was smooth sailing. And we enjoyed a beautiful wedding of our friends Kyle and Kaloni. 

Columbia River Temple

Here's to having no more car troubles, for at least a couple months. And to marriage, congrats to the Udalls! 

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