Friday, September 20, 2013

New Home

After spending the summer in Utah we are back in Rexburg, and we are happy! Living in Utah we left all our furniture and other valuable belongings in our storage unit for the summer, so we are very happy to be in our new place with all our stuff. 

It's fun to be back in Rexburg. Technically we haven't lived in Rexburg since we were engaged, since we moved to Saint Anthony right when we got married. It's nice not to have to plan our schedule around when we are in-town.

Since we are back in Rexburg JT has enjoyed his first week of his last semester at BYU-Idaho. It is a pretty relaxed semester for him, only 12 credits with 2 of the classes being CIT. He is also working at his same job for the BYU-Idaho IT department. This semester JT will also start applying for real jobs after graduation. I guess we shall see how that goes! 

As for me, I am still unemployed but have applied for a few different positions and I'm still hopeful. But also very bored, our home is set up and decorated and I don't have much to do so hopefully I will get something soon. Speaking of our new home, here are some pictures!

Entry Way
Extra Closet/Craft Area/Games/Food
Living Room

The new shelves we got!
Balcony on the first floor, with our new charcoal BBQ

The kitchen isn't quite as big as the kitchen we had in Saint Anthony so we had to get the storage unit and put it in our laundry room.
After using coin operated laundry this summer I'm SO EXCITED to have my own room to do laundry! 
We love our big, spacious bedroom that has a green wall. 
JT's little office space, in the corner of our bedroom.
Our HUGE closet, this is my half. 
His Half.

The piano is in our living room, right by the entrance, I plan on having some pictures on canvas hanging around our wedding picture here but I have to wait for the canvas' to dry! It has been a week and they still aren't all the way dry to put the pictures on them yet (I accidentally used oil-based paint instead of acrylic).

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  1. Yay! Glad you finally are in a nice place! Looks great so far!