Sunday, November 3, 2013

Halloween and Proposals

Fall is the best time of the year. Well almost. It's still not too cold (mostly, we do live in Idaho). It's the sweet spot between summer and Christmas (sweater season!) And so many exciting things happen! For us we had a fun Halloween and a proposal. 

In preparation for Halloween, a couple weeks ago we went to the Haunted Straw Maze with some married friends. It wasn't as scary as it was hard to find our way out!
For Halloween we decided to dress as our favorite TV couple, Sheldon and Amy from Big Bang Theory. 
At our ward Halloween party our neighbors showed up also dressed up as Sheldon and Amy....we pulled it off better :)

It was a great Halloween and we had fun going to parties all night. The morning after Halloween I left JT in Rexburg as I traveled down to SLC. No one could know I was going down though, because it was a secret! My mom flew down and we hung out until Saturday night at the Jazz game where my sister got proposed to! 

Jason wanted to involve friends and family but also surprise Brittany. So I drove down to Utah with Jason's awesome parents, who live in Pocatello, Idaho. Mom and I had fun in SLC Friday and Saturday, going to our favorite downtown places, including going to the SLC temple, while also avoiding Brittany.  

Saturday night was the Jazz game. Jason got them great seats and we got cheap seats at the top to hide. Jason worked with the mascot for the proposal, right before half time he went to their seats with a dozen red roses, gave them to Brittany (after pretending to give them to one of the other couples sitting by them). Then he handed over a little ball that said "Will you marry me?" and some chocolate kisses. Brittany said yes immediately but the mascot made Jason get on his knee and made her stand. Then while they were kissing he covered them (and anyone sitting near them) with silly string. It was fun to watch from the other side of the arena. Afterwards I called Britt and told her to look across at our signs that said "Congrats" and "She Said Yes!!" So now it's official and they are getting married in April!

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