Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas + 2-year Anniversary

This year we spent our anniversary and Christmas in Idaho. With JT and my sister, Brittany, graduating just 5 days before Christmas it was easier to stay in Idaho. So after our anniversary we joined my family in Sun Valley to stay in a nice, cozy condo to celebrate Christmas together.

Since our anniversary is so close to Christmas, 3 days, we always seem to combine it with Christmas. So on Monday we drove to Sun Valley, and were pleasantly surprised with the warmer weather. Sun Valley is about 3 hours from Rexburg (the coldest place on earth, you would think it is the North Pole or something, but I'm convinced it's Rexburg). As JT and I were driving there it kept getting warmer and warmer, and the whole week it stayed at about 40 degrees. We hadn't been that warm since the beginning of November! And there wasn't much snow, compared to Rexburg of course. My parents rented a nice condo in Ketchum, but had to pay for the whole week and since they had to leave the day after Christmas JT and I got a free place to stay for the rest of the week! Happy Anniversary to us!

The weeks events in pictures:

Ward Christmas party a week and a half before Christmas

Although we spent the actual week of Christmas with the Walker family, we also got to spend the weekend before with JT's parents who visited us in Idaho for JT's graduation. This is JT teaching his dad how to be a nerd while bowling. We played 2 games, and neither of them won :)

Christmas Eve
For part of JT's Christmas, my parents bought him a lift ticket on Christmas Eve for one of the mountains in Sun Valley. JT had a blast and was doing great until at the end of the day he got over confident and fell on his face :(
The rest of the family went sledding. I decided to stay at the condo because of my pregnancy, some people think I'm being overly safe but I would rather be too safe than sorry!
Such a fun town! They had cool ice sculptures everywhere. 

The resort in Sun Valley had a great little Christmas Eve production, with the Nutcracker on ice, followed by a parade of skiers with lights going down the mountain, then fireworks. The couple next to us got engaged during the fireworks! 


JT and I brought our tree so the condo could be a little more festive.

Ginger-man Decorating Contest, ours is the Gingerbreadman, Super Hero of Ginger World.
The best part of Christmas is spending time with family, whether you are with them or you talk to them via video chat. This year JT and I have two siblings serving LDS missions. This is a picture of my family on Skype with Jordan, who is serving in Louisiana. We also got to talk with JT's sister, Paige, who is serving in Las Vegas, but I forgot to snap a picture when we talked to her.

Anniversary/Alone Time in Sun Valley
Like I said before, my parents paid for the whole week in the condo but had to leave on the 26th, so JT and I were excited to have the place to ourselves Thursday-Saturday. Thursday we had fun hanging out, taking over the Master bedroom my parents had previously used, and going around town admiring the fun shops. We went to this nice restaurant my dad had some extra coupons for, and I ordered the nice duck entree and JT got this fancy Hamburger. All seemed well, until later I started to feel horrible but I figured it was just my pregnancy. But then I woke up at 4am on Friday with food poisoning...

JT soon joined me and we spent the remainder of our fun vacation in the bathroom. We were both completely miserable. I will forever rate this day in my top 5 of worst days of my life. I can't even describe how miserable I was. I have never had food poisoning before, but having it combined with pregnancy is just horrible! Plus JT was just as sick as me so he couldn't take care of me, we just did our best to take care of ourselves and slept all day. This is the picture I sent to my parents, me taking over the bed (although not to unusual for me).

So our week ended horribly, but we are still so grateful for the wonderful Christmas we had! We were able to spend time with family and we are so grateful for the gifts that were given to us. We hope all our friends enjoyed their Christmas!

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