Friday, December 13, 2013

I'm Going to be a MOMMY!

Imagine. It's a Sunday afternoon, on a typical windy Rexburg Fall day, and I literally can't stop thinking about drinking enough water to be able to force myself to pee for at least 5 seconds. After drinking two water bottles in an hour I run to the bathroom, to pee on a stick...

At this point I didn't know it, but I was four weeks pregnant! 
This video doesn't even accurately display my excitement. As I mentioned, I went off birth control in April. And it felt like every period was that much worse since they were more unwelcome then ever before. As soon as the period was a couple days late and I was feeling nauseous, I knew this time was different. 

I feel so blessed that we have been able to get pregnant relatively easily. But it didn't feel that way working up to it. I began to get very impatient and jealous of others as the months went by. I know you should be nothing but excited for friends and family when they announce they are pregnant, which I was for every one of them, but also a big dose of jealousy. I couldn't help myself. 

At first it wasn't too big of a deal. I would think, oh they recently got married and are already pregnant? Good for them. Then after 5 months, I would complain to my loving husband and close sister-in-law, Lyndsay. But, it's not my friends fault they are so fertile! 

And now looking back the jealousy is gone. That feeling is replaced with a bunch of nerves and excitement. We are so excited to be parents and welcome Baby Dewey into our family in June, but it is scary! I'm going to be a mom?! 

I also feel SO blessed. As the weeks went by I continued to only have minor symptoms, (except fatigue-I'm always tired). I wonder if it's partly because I'm young and in good health? Or I'm just one of those lucky girls that has an easy first trimester. Either way I feel blessed that as I am starting my second trimester I haven't gotten any morning sickness.

So far I have had 3 doctor appointments, although the first one wasn't a real one, it was more of doing paperwork, getting acquainted with the clinic (which is awesome), and answering all my questions.
 My second appointment was our first ultrasound! I was so nervous leading up to it, only having a home pregnancy test to say I'm pregnant, what if I'm one of those weird girls that got a false positive and phantom nausea? But I'm not crazy! Being at the end of 8 weeks we saw our baby!

At 8 weeks baby had a strong heartbeat of 173/minute! We got to see baby moving around, wiggling babies little arms and legs, and watching the heart beating, it was truly one of the most amazing and beautiful things I have ever seen. We made a human, and it's moving and growing inside of me!

This week we had our third appointment and I met with my doctor for the first time, and it's funny because my doctor is also from Tacoma, Washington! His name is Doctor Evans at Madison Women's Clinic, and we chatted for a long time about how he knows my grandparents, my dad, a bunch of family friends, and my old OB from Tacoma, Doctor Nickel. Anyways, the appointment went well and we got to actually hear the heartbeat this time!

Originally we were going to wait to share the news on Christmas, with some kind of cute Christmas picture, but then I got anxious. So we decided lets share on our anniversary, 3 days before Christmas. But then I started to just get tired of keeping the secret, and I started to tell some JT made me at least wait until my appointment this week. Haha...I can be impatient at times. So, sorry to close friends and family we didn't get to tell personally before the announcement on facebook, I'm just to excited to let everyone know that I'M GOING TO BE A MOMMY!


  1. Kjersten, We are SO, SO, SO happy for you and JT. You don't have anything to worry about. You both will be amazing parents. I am excited to meet your new little peanut. Congratulations!

  2. I can't imagine how excited you two must be, congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! That's so great that you'll always have that video to remember that exciting moment :)