Tuesday, December 3, 2013


November was exciting. 

The first of November I traveled down to Utah for Brittany and Jason's engagement, and to hang out with my mom all weekend.

The next weekend we traveled home, to Washington! My favorite cousin, Chelsey, got married in Port Angeles so Brittany, Jason, JT and I made the long journey for the weekend to be there for her special day. It was a beautiful wedding!

Then our wonderful sister-in-law visited Idaho for her brother's LDS mission farewell.

And finally Thanksgiving. Last year was my first time away from home, but we still didn't make Thanksgiving dinner because our friend's parents invited us. This year JT had to work Thanksgiving night (he gets the worst shifts) and the rest of the weekend. Luckily my lifetime friend Bekkah came up from Provo, Utah to spend Thanksgiving with us and her brother, Hayden, who also goes to BYU-Idaho. So we went to WINCO and had fun figuring out how to make a turkey and other sides. The end process was great! We were quite impressed with our turkey cooking abilities. 

And now it's December. In Idaho. So it's freezing, windy, and the first bad snow came last night so it's icy. But we do have a lot to be grateful for so I'll just try to remember those things. Like the fact that in a couple weeks JT will be graduating from BYU-Idaho! And our two-year anniversary is coming up quickly. 

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