Monday, December 30, 2013

Reviewing 2013

2013 was so good to us. It was our second year of marriage and it brought so many good things!

We GRADUATED!! Both of us finished our Bachelor's degrees in 2013. I finished in April with my degree in Psychology and JT finished in December with his degree in Computer Information Technology (CIT).

Over the summer JT had the awesome opportunity to do his internship in Riverton, Utah so we made the move for the summer! Living in Utah for the summer brought lots of learning opportunities for JT, and lots of fun adventures and opportunities to spend more time with family.

JT and I at Utah Olympic Park in Park City
We also went to two concerts in Salt Lake! The first one was for JT's early birthday present, Coheed and Cambria, and the second one was The Postal Service--their song Such Great Heights is our song!

This year we had 3 weddings! Two of JT's old roommates got married, JT was able to go to both and I joined him for the second in Eastern Washington. Then my favorite cousin got married in Washington and we were so lucky to be there for it!

Kyle and Kaloni's wedding in Eastern Washington
Around this same time my younger brother left for his 2-year LDS service mission! He is serving in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana mission, Spanish speaking. I was blessed to visit home for a few days before he left!

But then sadly because of all our travels our car continued to give us troubles. First the battery went completely dead, so we replaced it. Then a week later one of the front tires blew during a road trip! So we replaced all the tires, since they were all balled. Now our Buick seems to be doing well, and JT took an auto class his last semester to do a better job with taking care of our car.

Although no one knew it, most of the year JT and I were trying to start the extension of our family. Thinking about this I realized how long my hair is and how much babies love to play with it. So I chopped it off! It was a big change but I LOVE IT! It takes 5 minutes to blow dry my hair (I wouldn't even attempt it with my rapunzel hair before, it would take forever), and I now can go a couple days without having to re-straighten it. 

JT also decided he wanted to take his level of nerd up a few notches, and he built his own PC. 

And my sister finally decided she wants to join the married club, so she got engaged is planning her wedding for April 2014.

We got our first niece in August. So far JT's older sister, Lacie, is the only one who has had kids and the first three were all boys! 

And shortly after our niece joined the family JT and I found out we will be joining a new club, the baby club!!

Baby Dewey is expected to join us June 11, 2014. After all that has happened to us this year we are so excited for 2014, our third year of marriage! 

Happy New Year to all our friends and family!

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