Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Growing Up, Patience, and Faith

For those of you wondering what is going on in our lives since JT graduated in December, our life has required of us a lot of patience, persistence, stress, emotions, choices, and faith. With that we are so happy that JT has accepted a job in Riverton, Utah to start February 10th.

The journey to get here has been full of stress, with a few times that stress made the pregnant and emotional Kjersten have meltdowns. When we first moved back to Rexburg in September JT immediately started applying for jobs for post-graduation. Throughout his last semester he contacted companies and did a great job networking. With lots of family and friend connections he applied for so many great jobs, then got interviews with so many of them. But then we had to wait, and then keep waiting. Graduating right before Christmas made it hard, he interviewed for a couple dream jobs right before Christmas, but they wanted to wait to make any hiring decisions until well after the holidays.

Finally, in the last week we heard back from a couple of them. JT ended up getting two job offers, first with the LDS church in Utah which offers great pay and awesome benefits, and second with the hospital here in Rexburg which offered okay pay with decent benefits. We have put so much of our time thinking about all the pros and cons of moving to Utah instead of waiting for a job in Idaho Falls (one he interviewed for in December and they have told him they do plan to offer him a job, but in time since they are still figuring out when they will be expanding their company). Making the decision to move is hard, especially when you are in the middle of your pregnancy and you're poor. But after much prayer, fasting, and visiting the temple, we feel confident that moving to Utah is the best decision for us right now.

When thinking about all the hard decisions we have had to make, we are grateful for family support. But more importantly, for the faith we share. We have found great comfort in our faith and that the decisions we make will help better our life for our baby boy that will be joining us in a few months. Staying positive JT is the most happy that he got a couple job offers, and that he is finally done with school!

Some pictures from JT's graduation:

Brittany walked with JT! She plans to finish with everything after her internship finishes in April.
So proud of my graduate!! 
With Brittany and her fiance, Jason.

With the Associate Dean for JT's college (College of Business and Communications), and our old Bishop from when we were Single, he was my Bishop for 2.5 years!

Although it was stressful, getting married in the middle of our college careers and then working hard to find jobs, we feel so blessed. When I first moved to Idaho in 2009 I never intended to get married and stay in Idaho/Utah post-graduation, but the life I had planned for myself is no where near as great as the life JT and I share. Sometimes we just have to have faith that God's plan for us is better than the plan we have intended for ourselves. 

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  1. Great work KJT. Good choices. We are thrilled you will be in Utah.