Friday, March 7, 2014

26 Weeks

Pregnancy is fast.

When I sit and think that it is a total of 9 months/40 weeks, it seems long. But going through it, time has gone by quickly! I am currently transitioning right now into my third trimester, but it doesn't feel at all like I am so close to meeting my little boy.

Maybe I feel like time is going by so quickly because I am not yet ready for him to be here. We have just barely started buying some things, but we still have a long way to go. We still need to move to a bigger apartment (currently living in a one-room apartment), and we need to buy the necessities (car seat, bassinet, diapers, diaper bag, breast pump, etc.). So looks like the next few months will be filled with lots of baby stores (or just Target). We have gotten a start on a few things:

I just got this in the mail, I wasn't in the best mood from not feeling well, and exhaustion. But then I found this in our mailbox and my mood has completely changed! Even if I still have a headache...
JT loves this onesie we got, it has little elephants all over, with a bigger one on the butt. He literally shows it to everyone that comes over, it's adorable :)
Our baby boy has also been growing and moving around like crazy! More people are starting to notice my baby bump, and comment on it. Some of the teachers at the school I have worked at since December have started saying things, like "I didn't know you are pregnant! You have done a great job of hiding it." That always makes a pregnant woman feel good.


The above is me at 24 weeks. I took a snap shot of the babies progress according to my app on my phone and that was JT's response, haha. And this is why people are starting to notice more, I'm at the end of my second trimester and my bump is bigger than my chest.

For a few weeks I have been overly uncomfortable with 95% of my pants and skirts. My bump gets in the way and the weight I have gained (although it is normal with being 5-6 months pregnant) makes it hard to wear my before-baby clothes. So after talking to some friends, I considered the best price and fit and got my first pair of maternity jeans from Old Navy. They are just as comfortable as my sweat pants, so I'm a happy camper once again.

26 weeks. Basically looks the same as the picture at 24 weeks, but I feel a lot bigger.
Where did my feet go?!

Now I am 26 weeks. What does this mean? Testing for Gestational Diabetes. And I passed with flying colors! It also means I'm leaving my 2nd trimester and entering my 3rd trimester in the next couple weeks. I have definitely noticed the differences. Intense heart burn (like I have dealt with it for almost 10 years because of my hiatal hernia, and this is horrible), discomfort 85% of the time-especially more depending on what I'm wearing, new weird stretch marks (yay...), and random sharp pains. Although all those negative symptoms suck, I also get to experience the constant movements of my baby boy growing inside of me. It is beautiful. Sometimes I get really self-involved with what is happening to me, then I feel my baby and stop. I'm so blessed!

Less than 100 days until our due date!

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