Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Crafty Me

I always have these great ideas of crafts to do, but usually they are unrealistic because it can get really expensive. But with getting ready for baby to get here I have some things to do! There's less than 2 months until baby comes, so there is little time left that I have alone time. Hence my crafting time. It had been awhile, and it felt so good to step into my favorite crafting store, Porters-the most dangerous store for me to go to in Rexburg, they always have great deals.

Craft #1: Spring Wreath

This was unplanned, until I went to Porters for some sewing supplies. I have wanted a good Spring wreath for a while now, so I looked on pinterest and found some great inspiration. Luckily I found this basic wreath on sale for $4.50. 

Then it was just a matter of adding some decorations. Easy and adds some appeal to our door!

Craft #2: Nursery Closet Organizers

So a while back I got this amazing idea from pinterest on how to organize clothes in a babies closet, see pin here. Basically it is a simply way to organize between the different months in a closet. And the organizer in me needed some kind of way to distinguish between the different sizes.

The supplies. Simply: Scrapbook paper, mod podge, stickers, paint and brush, scissors, and paper/cardboard "0" or "O"s. I painted the back side, put the scrap book paper on the front, and the stickers to label which category the clothes should hang.
Final product! (N for newborn)
I love seeing my nursery closet so organized!

I was actually originally got these crafts to do over my spring break, but then we ended up moving over spring break, so I made the wreath before we moved then saved the rest for after the move and visit to Washington. We moved within the same complex as we are currently living, the Mesa Falls apartments in Rexburg, but instead of our small 1 bed/1 bath we moved up to a 3 bed/2bath, an increase of about 400 square feet. I'm loving the extra space, and I'm so excited to start decorating the nursery! Pictures to come soon!

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