Monday, May 5, 2014

Happy Birthday to Me

So last week I turned 23! Yay! And I feel old. Partly because I'm 8 months pregnant, and our baby is almost here! Because our little boy is almost here, my birthday was mostly getting things ready for baby. Which is okay with me because getting things for the nursery brings me so much happiness! Our baby's room is now my favorite room in our home, sometimes I just like to sit in there and think about the sweet moments I'll have rocking and soothing him, and changing his stinky diaper while he screams because he'll probably hate getting his diaper changed like most babies. 

{On my birthday we went to Target and bought our stroller/carseat system for baby, we are waiting to put the carseat in the car until it gets closer to the due date.}
{JT let me order this changing table the week before my birthday,  I love it and it matches our crib!}
{This was my favorite. While we were in Washington I went to the outlet mall and stumbled across the Coach outlet that of course had diaper bags on sale. So JT let me get this one and I'm IN LOVE with it.}
{I also spent my birthday eating too many this doughnut and some cookies my sister made me}
On my birthday JT took me to Olive Garden, a classic favorite of mine. While there we noticed our food was taking a little long to get us, but we just figured they were busy. After some time our food finally got to us, via the manager. Apparently something happened and they forgot about us or something, because he apologized and told us dinner was on the house. Happy birthday to me!

For a baby update, my birthday was the 34 week mark and I'm still healthy! I'm just getting more of the discomforts of late term pregnancy. Like hot flashes and the inability to do simple tasks without my big baby bump getting in the way. The nursery is almost finished, I just need to do some of the decor and finish re-doing the rocking chair. 

Thank you to all my friends and family for the birthday wishes and gifts!

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