Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My New Favorite Room: The Nursery

We have felt so blessed by family and friends as we get closer to our baby boy's arrival. The only piece of furniture in our nursery we have paid for ourselves is the changing table, which was a gift from my husband on my birthday. So once I got all the furniture for the nursery, I had to start decorating!

When we decided to start trying to extend our family I was finishing my last semester of school at BYU-Idaho, taking the Homemaking class. For the Interior Design part of the class we had to design and decorate a bedroom, and we got to pick any type of bedroom. Since I was on baby mindset I decided to do the nursery. This ended up distracting me for hours at a time. I just couldn't pick one theme I loved. Then I found one picture on pinterest of a more gender neutral room, light gray with white and baby blue/pink. So ever since then that has been the plan! Here are some pictures of my almost completed nursery!

I love the decor I have been able to put together. I was able to do this for under $20. I bought the frames from Deseret Industries (thrift shop) and painted them white, the pictures are from my maternity session and only cost a couple dollars to print, the "I Am a Child of God" was a gift from my amazing sister-in-law Lyndsay, and the "ABC's" and "Little Guy" printables were ideas I found on pinterest and my awesome friend Sara Hill made them for me.

This chair used to be my moms, and my parents gave it to me and we are in the middle of updating it. So far we have painted it, now I need to figure out how to reupholster the fabric to be gray like the lamp on the side table. More about that in a future blog post!

I love my organized closet! 

Bookshelf I have from my bedroom growing up, still working on getting more books!

The "Welcome Baby Dewey" sign was made by my sister, Brittany, for my baby shower in Washington. I'm going to use it for the decor above the crib until we name him and I can do another craft project with his name. 

And that's the nursery! I love to just sit in there and get overwhelmed with nerves! I'm also excited to add more and do more to decorate. To see some of the inspiration I had for decorating our nursery you can look at my Nursery board on Pinterest.

This is the baby's part of our bedroom. The bassinet with his little stuffed animal from my mom, and supplies for diapers and swaddling him at night. 

Today also marks exactly 2 weeks until the due date! I'm 38 weeks pregnant, full-term. So that means I had my last day of work today. It was bittersweet. Although it didn't pay well, I loved my job at the Middle School here in Rexburg. I got to run a new lunch program called Wise Cats, giving me the opportunity to help any students that needed my help, and I got to work with the gifted 5th grade class, I learned so much from them! And they were so sweet to give me a little baby gift on my last day. Here's to relaxing until my sweet little boy decides it's time to leave the womb and join the world!

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