Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jonas Thayne Dewey - Birth Story and First Moments

Jonas Thayne Dewey
June 17, 2014
7:09 AM
21.5 inches, 8 pounds 5 ounces

After passing our due date of June 11th I started to get even more uncomfortable, anxious, and frustrated. The day after our due date, Thursday, June 12th, I went in to the doctor's office and did an ultrasound, finding out that the baby looked to be about 8 pounds! I then became OVERLY anxious for him to join the world. I was dilated to 2-3 cm at this point, so they figured I would start going into labor over the weekend, so I decided to wait to get induced until Tuesday. Well the weekend went by and I was having a lot of labor signs, just not consistently. So I was just getting increasingly more uncomfortable. 

Monday, June 16th, came and I had another doctor's appointment scheduled for before the induction. It was to do a Non-Stress-Test right before lunch time. It was only supposed to take 20-30 minutes, but after that amount of time the nurse came in asking how I was feeling. I felt fine, a little discomfort but no big deal. She then told me I was having contractions and was surprised I wasn't feeling anything. So I ended up on the test for about an hour, to monitor my contractions I was apparently having. I hadn't dilated anymore than my appointment from the week before so the doctor sent me out to go walking for a few hours. It was exhausting but when I got back the doctor checked me and I had progressed! They did some blood work and decided to send me to the hospital! Finally!

I got admitted to labor and delivery at 5:30PM, when I was checking in I was feeling my contractions but they weren't painful, just irritating. Another lady got in at the same time and was probably crowning with how much breathing she was doing, I felt pretty blessed. We took the picture above a little after I had changed and got settled, before the drugs and craziness started. I felt pretty good. 

A little after I checked in the doctor came up and found I was now officially dilated to a 4 so he decided to break my water to get things going. Upon doing this he informed me that our baby had his first bowel movement, which I guess you can tell from the color of the fluid coming out. So this meant that once baby was delivered he wouldn't be able to go skin-to-skin immediately, but would need a NICU nurse/doctor there to take him to the warmer and avoid breathing in the meconium. That was a bummer, but I was happy they could predict any future complications and be prepared. And I wasn't too surprised since at this point I was already 5 days overdue. 

Soon after the doctor started me on Pitocin to help speed up labor, because I had naturally started I just needed some help getting it going. But I only ended up being on it for a couple hours, once it started working they were worried about my contractions and baby's progression. I started feeling the contractions a little stronger. Although some I didn't feel, at one point the doctor was talking to me and noticed on the monitor I was having a contraction, but was talking and smiling like normal. He asked me if I was feeling anything, I responded no and he was pretty impressed!

Soon after I got the epidural. It was amazing. Like no pain at all amazing. It even calmed my shakes, which started a little after I got to the hospital because of the adrenaline or something, I had a hard time relaxing because of it all night. This was now around 8:30PM on Monday night. I then labored all night with little pain. But apparently baby was having problems and looked like he was in distress off and on all night, and my blood pressure kept falling very low. So around midnight the doctor had me start using an oxygen mask, which I ended up using until 5AM when I started to push. This made it so it was a little too hard to fall asleep, but I was able to rest through labor all night. 

Pushing surprisingly wasn't very painful, because of my epidural, and the fact that he didn't make much progress in the hour I was pushing. Around 6AM the doctor came in to help with pushing and see how I was doing. He noticed baby was facing sunny-side-up, which is the wrong way. So for a few contractions while I was pushing he tried moving him to face down, but baby would not move. Which was really concerning. So at this point we knew baby had his first bowel movement, I wasn't making much progress while pushing, the doctor was concerned that the cord was wrapped around his neck causing distress all night, and he was facing the wrong way, and there was the concern that he was a bigger baby and I'm smaller built. He then told me all this, and said I needed to decide what I wanted to do. If I continued to labor vaginally it would be long and hard, and the delivery would be like a vaginal c-section because of all the tearing to get baby out safely. He recommended getting a c-section because he was concerned for baby's health and my recovery, which could take 12 weeks if I vaginally delivered. 

Leading up to our due date I knew it was very realistic I would need a c-section, especially since it was Tuesday morning and I was 6 days overdue. Surgery just wasn't what I wanted, at all. I wanted to have the opportunity to bond with my baby right at birth. I loved my doctor because he addressed his concerns to me in such an understanding and compassionate way, knowing that going with surgery wasn't at all what I wanted but also helping me understand that continuing to deliver wouldn't be the best outcome either. So for the sake of both my health, and baby's health, JT and I decided a c-section was the best option. 

By the time I made it to the Operating Room it was almost 7AM on Tuesday, and I was exhausted. JT got to sit by my head but I kinda freaked out, I was exhausted from not eating or sleeping for almost 24 hours at this point. So I was pretty out of it during the surgery. It was weird though, I could kinda feel them take him out of me, but I couldn't see anything of course. They sent him straight to the NICU to get cleaned up so JT joined him and a nurse took over to sit by me. Within a couple minutes I started freaking out, thinking I was having an asthma or panic attack, I threw-up so the anesthesiologist told me that my vitals looked good and I just needed to relax and fall asleep. I did that but had a really hard time waking up for a while after, making me very emotional that I couldn't see my baby immediately. 

Although it was really hard for me to go an hour before seeing my baby, it was necessary for both of us to be healthy. The first picture above was during his first bath in the NICU, JT took lots of pictures so he could show me what happened when I woke up. Looking at it you can see how swollen his face was compared to a couple days old. The second picture was one of my first moments with him. I was barely in recovery and in a lot of pain so I had to stay laying down, so JT helped me hold him next to me. 

At this point we decided which name was his. Since we got married a couple years ago we have had a few boy and girl names picked, but want to wait to choose between them until we meet each child. During the whole pregnancy we were leaning towards Jonas, but wanted to wait to officially pick. When JT brought our little boy to me in recovery we decided Jonas was a perfect fit, and JT proceeded to sing "My Name is Jonas" by Weezer. JT actually picked the name Jonas a long time ago, in hopes his future wife would also like it. To pick the middle name, instead of using JT's middle name we used Grandpa Dewey's middle name, Thayne. We also put together the name so he would have the same initials as JT, so JTD. But we do not intend to call him JT, his name is Jonas! 

The above picture was basically life for me Tuesday until we left the hospital on Thursday. I couldn't get up much because it hurts, I could only hold and care for Jonas when someone brought him to me, which was really hard. Luckily I have such an amazing husband who did a great job caring for our new boy and was aware of how hard it was for me to lay in bed for days.

The beautiful roses my Grandma Walker sent to my hospital room, everyone that came into my room complimented them. The next few pictures are some beautiful shots JT got and some first moments:

Warming Jonas with skin-to-skin contact.

I had JT keep the bassinet next to my bed so I could watch him despite my ability to get up and care for him.

JT changing his first diaper, ever! He now does most of the diapers since getting up is still hard for me and JT is just a great dad. 

Since my recovery was going well and Jonas was looking great the doctors let me go home on Thursday afternoon, instead of waiting until Friday.

We did not match on purpose, haha... I just wore a dress that was comfortable and JT grabbed some clothes that I had pre-packed for him.

And we are on our way home! Jonas is great in the car, he just falls asleep! 

We have now been home for a few days and everyday I feel better. Most of the credit goes to my pain meds, but I'm also a little more active each day. I'm still pretty limited, as I will be for a few weeks. I just feel so blessed to have such a beautiful baby boy to love and care for, and a husband and mother who are here to help care for us. 


  1. Love all the pictures! Jonas is so cute! I hope you are recovering well :) I can't wait to see him in Idaho!!

  2. He is so precious! Great pictures!