Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Jonas's First Week

Today Jonas is 8 days old!
In his first week of life we have learned some things about our baby boy:
Jonas loves to be held, especially falling asleep in our arms.
Since Jonas loves to be held, he tends to get fussy at night when we want to put him to bed in his bassinet, so every night I end up holding him until we both fall asleep--so we have been co-sleeping.
Jonas loves to be swaddled, but also loves to keep him hands by his face.
Almost every time I feed Jonas, he also poops. It's like he has been conditioned to poop when fed!
He loves using pacifiers, but is also pro at spitting them out.
 He isn't much of a crier, except at the doctors office during exams and sometimes during diaper changes if it's taking more than a minute.
Whenever we put him in his carseat he falls asleep, making traveling easy--I hope it sticks!

Since we brought Jonas home from the hospital we have been a little obsessed with him. I'm constantly taking pictures of him, he is just so amazing and handsome! We just don't want to forget his cuteness as he continues to grow. So here are some of the many pictures we have taken, mostly in poor quality from our cell phones.

First diaper change after we got home from the hospital.

Learning the art of video games with dad.

I love to watch him sleep, he makes the cutest faces!

He kept making a double chin one night, we couldn't stop laughing! He then woke up and was making funny faces while also doing a double chin, I couldn't catch that on picture because it was so cute and funny. It was also perfect that he was wearing his "Heartbreaker" PJs, he is definitely a heart breaker! 

He always keeps his hands by his face when he sleeps.

On Sunday the 22nd I realized it was our 2.5 year wedding anniversary! 

Sleeping with me in bed.

Cuddling with Grandma!

This is currently my phone's wallpaper, one morning he just wanted to stare at me instead of sleep.

This was on our first outing! JT had a work party to celebrate some program they just finished and released. It was at a park in Idaho Falls, he slept in his stroller the whole time! He is such a great baby!

I LOVE this outfit with the sneakers. This was from today, and less than a minute after it was taken JT went to change his diaper and at the same exact time he decided to poop and it went all projectile. It made it onto the wall and floor feet away from the changing table. It was gross but also hilarious, I couldn't stop laughing when I saw it.

After bath time-he actually enjoys baths! Especially when his hair is getting washed.

When Jonas was 4 days old we did have a photographer come over and take some pictures of Jonas and our little family, it'll be another couple weeks before we get them though. But once we get them I will be sure to share!

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