Saturday, June 7, 2014

One Last Pregnancy Update - Hopefully

So I am currently 39 weeks pregnant, and only 4 days until my official due date. The scary thing about pregnancy is you never know when the baby is actually going to join you. Like what if my water broke while I was writing this post (sorry for the picture), or what if he decides he likes my uterus a little too much? You never know! And that is torture!

I have had an overall great pregnancy. Most people would dream to have one as good as mine. I'm like the opposite of high risk. My biggest complaints are stretch marks, which were unavoidable, and a little extra weight gain, also unavoidable with my beginning size. But lately I have been pretty miserable. Most of the time my back aches. Especially after standing for longer than a couple minutes. And I'm never comfortable. So saying I'm ready to be done with pregnancy is an understatement. Although I am grateful to have such a great, healthy overall pregnancy. Being 9 months pregnant is hell.

This past Sunday I had JT take a few pictures of me, for my final pictures of my pregnancy. Considering that if I do get bigger, you won't really be able to tell. For those of you who maybe haven't been pregnant before, let me provide an example. At my 38 week mark one of my pregnancy app's that tells me what fruit/vegetable the baby's size can compare to, it compared him to a pumpkin. YES, A PUMPKIN. This made me feel pretty big. 

So after he took some pictures I decided to compare my belly to when we first found out I was pregnant to now...

Such a big difference 9 months can make during pregnancy! Like 9 months ago I could see my feet...but that's okay because I don't like feet anyways. 

To sum up this update, I am very pregnant and ready to no longer be pregnant. We are very nervous to be parents, but there isn't much we can do about that. We will just do our best once he joins us! And luckily my mom has just come in town to help, such a blessing she will be to have around for a few weeks! 

And hopefully this will be the last time I can rant about my pregnancy, and our little human's birth story will be the next topic of discussion! 

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