Friday, July 18, 2014

Month 1 and A First Holiday

If you were to look at our photo albums in our phones, all you would see from the past month is pictures of little Jonas. We just can't help ourselves, he is the cutest! The picture below is my favorite, his sweet little smile! It is the current background on my cell phone, of course I'm constantly changing it.

The weekend of his baby blessing also happened to be the 4th of July weekend, so we had fun celebrating with family and Jonas enjoyed sleeping through the whole day.

We went to the parade in the morning, they had camels!

It was great to spend the 4th with my dad, it was his 51st birthday!

Jonas did great during the fireworks. I fed him a lot beforehand then put him in the moby wrap and put a blanket over him, he just slept!

It was also a great weekend because Jonas got to meet my dad, the new Grandpa, my brother Harrison, and two sets of his Great-Grandparents.

My Grandma and Grandpa Walker's first Great-Grandbaby! 

And now Jonas is a month old! Time has flown by so quickly. It really is bittersweet. I love seeing him grow and develop, but I also love how small and sweet he is.

Sometimes he puts his arms out like this, and I try to pull them down by his side but they just spring back up!


His little feet. JT took this during an early morning feeding.

On my mother-in-law's last day in town we drove up to Driggs for some exploring and to visit her parents at the cemetery. 

Also to visit the spot where JT proposed almost 3 years ago!

I couldn't help myself with the face he's making here!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Newborn Pictures

Growing up in my family we would take family pictures almost every year, and although I have never been the biggest fan of taking a ton of pictures, of myself, I plan on doing the same for my little family. I have already started the tradition by having tons of pictures of JT and I from before we even started having kids. So it's not too surprising that the day after we got home from the hospital I had a photographer in our home taking newborn pictures of little Jonas. 

I wanted pictures that could help us remember him at his youngest. I could have just had JT take the pictures, and they would have turned out good, but I wanted someone who is experienced taking pictures with newborns, and someone who could take some great family shots. This became especially important to me since I didn't get any of the pictures I had planned on getting in the hospital because of my c-section. 

I ended up finding a great photographer here in Rexburg, who comes to the comfort of your own home. She was a great price and great quality, something that can be rare to find in Rexburg with all the students who claim to be professional photographers. So I would recommend her to anyone with kids in Rexburg! (Here is a link to her Facebook page) So here is a preview of a few of my favorites!

Now that I have these pictures I am making and soon sending out a baby announcement to family and friends. I'm also putting together a digital scrapbook with pictures from pregnancy to birth. 

Sunday, July 13, 2014

A Baby Blessing

Last Sunday, July 6th, we had the opportunity to bless Jonas at church! It was such a beautiful experience, and we felt so blessed to have so much of our family in-town.

 {Outfit made by the amazing Aimee Rayborn}

It was a very emotional day, having JT give our firstborn a baby blessing and having two of our grandfathers join the circle. Although we did have a few family members missing, JT's father and siblings, and my brother who is on his mission, we still had so many close family and friends in attendance. 

Pictured from left to right: Kyle, Grandpa Walker, Great-Grandpa Dewey, Harrison, JT and Jonas, Great-Grandpa Walker, Jason, and Nik. Not pictured: Cooper and Rick Hjelm. 

I love my boys! I have gained such a great appreciation for JT and all he does for Jonas and me. It was such a great experience listening to him use his priesthood to give Jonas a blessing.