Monday, July 14, 2014

Newborn Pictures

Growing up in my family we would take family pictures almost every year, and although I have never been the biggest fan of taking a ton of pictures, of myself, I plan on doing the same for my little family. I have already started the tradition by having tons of pictures of JT and I from before we even started having kids. So it's not too surprising that the day after we got home from the hospital I had a photographer in our home taking newborn pictures of little Jonas. 

I wanted pictures that could help us remember him at his youngest. I could have just had JT take the pictures, and they would have turned out good, but I wanted someone who is experienced taking pictures with newborns, and someone who could take some great family shots. This became especially important to me since I didn't get any of the pictures I had planned on getting in the hospital because of my c-section. 

I ended up finding a great photographer here in Rexburg, who comes to the comfort of your own home. She was a great price and great quality, something that can be rare to find in Rexburg with all the students who claim to be professional photographers. So I would recommend her to anyone with kids in Rexburg! (Here is a link to her Facebook page) So here is a preview of a few of my favorites!

Now that I have these pictures I am making and soon sending out a baby announcement to family and friends. I'm also putting together a digital scrapbook with pictures from pregnancy to birth. 

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