Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sewing Basics

After having my sewing machine for over a year, I finally finished a project with it. The main problem was that I used a very advanced and fancy machine in my sewing class, where I learned to sew. When my Grandma gave me one of her older ones I was so grateful, but I had a lot to learn. So it didn't get used for awhile. I even bought fabric to do other projects, but I got very pregnant and intimidated by the machine. I finally decided I want to learn to sew better so I had to learn my machine. It gave me plenty of struggles, which my husband was great at helping me figure it out. And now I have one of the SIMPLEST sewing projects possible finished. But doing so has given me the confidence to do more. 

This little craft project has two parts. Finishing the letters and finishing the fabric banner. I love pinterest because it gave me these ideas and the how to.

The letters were really easy, because it required no sewing. All I needed was canvas boards, fabric of my choosing, a staple gun, letters, and hot glue gun. I found some great gray and white fabric at my favorite local craft store, Porter's. Then one afternoon while Jonas was napping I ironed the fabric, stapled it to the canvas, and glued the letters on top. So easy! Then it was just a matter of getting my husband to hang them on the wall for me.

For the banner I found some great instructions for a beginner like me from pinterest. I used a lot of the same fabric I used for the letters, since I had leftovers and it would save me money, then bought some blue fabric in the pre-cut section because it was cheaper. Then I just followed the instructions I found on pinterest while simultaneously learning how to use my machine. I am very well pleased with my end project. It's funny how much time I put into the nursery, when Jonas probably doesn't care. But it does make changing his diapers and rocking a fussy boy much more enjoyable!

I also have some upcoming projects I want to complete, especially reupholstering my rocking chair cushions in the nursery. Once I do that the nursery will be complete! Right now it looks like this:

Notice the white? It's from when we painted it way back in April. Also the little pillow was my first sewing project, from the sewing class I took. So now I need to cover the green cushions so they better match the rest of the room. Since I'm not at all advanced in my sewing skills I did some searching on pinterest and found this tutorial on covering the cushions. I like it because it's simple and easy. So now I need to go back to Porter's and find some good fabric!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Jonas: Month Two

If you can believe it, Jonas is now 2 months old! And he's such a big boy!! Today at the doctor's appointment he measured right under 2 feet and weighing 12 pounds, 5.5 ounces. That means he has gained 4 pounds since birth!

I have been quite fortunate with the pictures I have been able to capture of little Jonas. He makes some very amusing faces! But he has also been smiling a lot more, it warms my heart! Whenever he gives me a hard night I immediately forget once he smiles at me. He still doesn't sleep through the night, so he is still in our room and usually sleeping on my chest. Hopefully in the next month or two we can try to start doing some sleep training, or at least I will try to stop co-sleeping. 

It is funny to me that I co-sleep so often. Studying child development and behavior I was always one of those "I won't ever do that as a parent". Now I co-sleep like I believed I would never do. I'm scared I'll also be a little bit of a push-over, too. Hopefully JT can be more of the instigator as Jonas grows. 

Here are some of the many, many pictures we have taken in the last month, and some of the fun things we have done!

Jonas makes very big yawns when he's tired. He also sometimes wears clothes that resemble his dad.

First time at IHOP, obviously he loved it.

He still loves to sleep on our chest, especially mom's. Usually as soon as I lift him to put him in his bed he wakes up, that's why he always ends up co-sleeping with us.

Jonas's first carousel ride! 

We bought a car! Yay for safe baby cars!

Sunday Best.

This month we have had more poo explosions. (The above picture was right before he pooped on Aunt Brittany on her birthday). He also loves to pee while we are changing his diaper or giving him a bath.

He loves to be held, which can make game night difficult and more enjoyable at the same time.

BIG smiles after bath time!

Playing Skyrim with dad.

He is obsessed with staring at me, apparently. He woke up from napping next to me in bed, I wanted to eat lunch before I fed him so while I was sitting eating my sandwich he just starred at me the entire time. I felt like if he could talk he would say something along the lines of "I'm patiently waiting for you to finish eating so I can eat, mom."

Trying out the bumbo for the first time!

Lately he has loved hanging out in his mamaroo swing! I love it because it gives me the opportunity to be productive.

This is one of the pictures from our time at Rexburg Rapids, more about that on the previous blog posting. This picture does perfectly show how Jonas acts in public though, he still gets knocked out. 

Since Jonas is so big he is now in size TWO diapers, at least in the pampers swaddlers (the only diapers we use, they are amazing).

This may seem like a weird picture, but I noticed the other night his eyelashes have gotten a lot longer and thicker! 

First time bowling. While baby wearing.

And that has been Jonas's second month of life!

I've had a few people ask how we have adjusted to being parents, how my recovery has been, and if I feel fulfilled being a new stay-at-home mom. I think the best answer is it's hard sometimes, and we are learning, but it definitely is fulfilling!

I have started to work out, trying to tighten up and lose the last 10 pounds of my baby weight. Sometimes I get very self-conscious and upset about how my body has changed. But other times I'm not as upset. My body held a growing human for 9 months! And he is healthy and happy, so it was worth losing what I now consider my hot, before-baby body. This last month I have also started making more personal goals for things I can do to improve myself and give myself more to do than sit around watching TV and caring for Jonas all day. I do at least one chore a day, like deep cleaning the stove or bathroom. I'm also reading more, about an hour a day. But sometimes I'm lucky if I can get that much time to read. I'm also working on developing some of my hobbies, like crafts and sewing. 

Parenthood is definitely something that you constantly have to work at and learn from, but it brings so many blessings and joy! 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Fun in the Sun

Today our church organized a big activity at the little water park in Rexburg, Rexburg Rapids. Since it meant free admittance and free food, we decided today would be a great day to let Jonas have his first real water experience, outside of bath time of course. 

Tomorrow he is officially 8 weeks old! Sunday is his 2 months mark, and the 20th we have his 2 month doctor visit, which means shots! For now we will just enjoy life. 

I absolutely HATE breastfeeding in public. It's not because people are rude, because I live in a very family friendly town, I'm just not comfortable or relaxed breastfeeding in public. So to avoid it I pump, and luckily Jonas doesn't care if it's coming from a bottle or directly from me, when he's hungry he eats! (Probably why he's such a big boy).

The picture above was before we dipped his toes in the water. The couple below are after. His first reaction was not happy, but he warmed up after we switched to sitting him on dad's lap. 

We had a fun little trip! Next week I'll post more pictures from his second month and the happenings of our lives lately.