Monday, August 11, 2014

Fun in the Sun

Today our church organized a big activity at the little water park in Rexburg, Rexburg Rapids. Since it meant free admittance and free food, we decided today would be a great day to let Jonas have his first real water experience, outside of bath time of course. 

Tomorrow he is officially 8 weeks old! Sunday is his 2 months mark, and the 20th we have his 2 month doctor visit, which means shots! For now we will just enjoy life. 

I absolutely HATE breastfeeding in public. It's not because people are rude, because I live in a very family friendly town, I'm just not comfortable or relaxed breastfeeding in public. So to avoid it I pump, and luckily Jonas doesn't care if it's coming from a bottle or directly from me, when he's hungry he eats! (Probably why he's such a big boy).

The picture above was before we dipped his toes in the water. The couple below are after. His first reaction was not happy, but he warmed up after we switched to sitting him on dad's lap. 

We had a fun little trip! Next week I'll post more pictures from his second month and the happenings of our lives lately. 

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