Saturday, August 23, 2014

Sewing Basics

After having my sewing machine for over a year, I finally finished a project with it. The main problem was that I used a very advanced and fancy machine in my sewing class, where I learned to sew. When my Grandma gave me one of her older ones I was so grateful, but I had a lot to learn. So it didn't get used for awhile. I even bought fabric to do other projects, but I got very pregnant and intimidated by the machine. I finally decided I want to learn to sew better so I had to learn my machine. It gave me plenty of struggles, which my husband was great at helping me figure it out. And now I have one of the SIMPLEST sewing projects possible finished. But doing so has given me the confidence to do more. 

This little craft project has two parts. Finishing the letters and finishing the fabric banner. I love pinterest because it gave me these ideas and the how to.

The letters were really easy, because it required no sewing. All I needed was canvas boards, fabric of my choosing, a staple gun, letters, and hot glue gun. I found some great gray and white fabric at my favorite local craft store, Porter's. Then one afternoon while Jonas was napping I ironed the fabric, stapled it to the canvas, and glued the letters on top. So easy! Then it was just a matter of getting my husband to hang them on the wall for me.

For the banner I found some great instructions for a beginner like me from pinterest. I used a lot of the same fabric I used for the letters, since I had leftovers and it would save me money, then bought some blue fabric in the pre-cut section because it was cheaper. Then I just followed the instructions I found on pinterest while simultaneously learning how to use my machine. I am very well pleased with my end project. It's funny how much time I put into the nursery, when Jonas probably doesn't care. But it does make changing his diapers and rocking a fussy boy much more enjoyable!

I also have some upcoming projects I want to complete, especially reupholstering my rocking chair cushions in the nursery. Once I do that the nursery will be complete! Right now it looks like this:

Notice the white? It's from when we painted it way back in April. Also the little pillow was my first sewing project, from the sewing class I took. So now I need to cover the green cushions so they better match the rest of the room. Since I'm not at all advanced in my sewing skills I did some searching on pinterest and found this tutorial on covering the cushions. I like it because it's simple and easy. So now I need to go back to Porter's and find some good fabric!

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