Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jonas: Month Three

Jonas is now 3 months old! 
He has been wearing his 3-6 months clothing for the past couple weeks, and he is constantly growing and developing more of a personality. 

These pictures (above) were taken during one of our many daily conversations.

This past month Jonas has been sleeping less, and I have tried to do some sleep training but in the last week he hasn't slept until he's cuddling in bed with us. It is adorable though, to see him relax as soon as we lay him in bed next to us. Jonas has also increased in fussiness. Which makes it harder to get him to sleep at times. We think this fussiness is partially caused by teething. He hasn't started to show any teeth, but he has all the symptoms. It's sad. I don't like to see my little boy in pain! And he's far too young to be doing things like growing teeth! At least his favorite way of soothing is cuddling.

We got his play pin! It's such a fun one. You can take the gate down so he can roll around, or keep it up and throw some balls in for him to play with. It'll last him a long time as it works as baby's grow and develop, so it's well worth the money.

Sometimes he is fussy until dad holds him like this, while JT stands up. As soon as JT sits he gets mad. Jonas is a stinker! But hopefully our arms will benefit from this.

Obsessed with sucking on his fists/fingers. Sometimes gagging. 

I've also been working on getting him to grab things, like his rattle. Luckily one side of the rattle is soft because he loves to hit himself with it and eat it.

He still loves taking strolls in the park in his stroller.

His newest thing is taking his pacifier out of his mouth then getting mad that it's not in his mouth anymore. It's kind of entertaining. We are working on getting it to go back in.

He loves snuggling with soft blankets, but I have to watch him so he doesn't smother himself.

He likes to lean against the couch like he's sitting. (Look at those chubby legs!)

A couple nights ago I laid in bed with this view. Jonas let us put him to sleep in his bassinet, which is a rare occurrence, so I was able to fall asleep while spooning with my husband. This was something that happened every night when we first got married, but now getting a second together is very challenging. So in this brief moment I enjoyed having a baby who was asleep, in his own bed, and a husband I could cuddle. I stared at the pictures we have hanging, thinking about how the last few years have been and how awesome my life is. I am extremely blessed. Although some days are hard, and I sometimes  cry out of exhaustion, I wouldn't have my life any different. I have two beautiful boys in my life, one who does all he can to take care of me, and the other who smiles and cuddles with me all day. 

I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for my blessed life and to have such a healthy baby boy!

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