Friday, October 17, 2014

Jonas is 4 Months & Recently

Jonas is officially 4 months! 
He is 26.5 inches and 14.5 lbs. 

He is still doing a great job growing and gaining weight. He has also hit some great milestones this last month! Including rolling over, although there is only a blurry video as evidence. More and more drooling, everything is always wet! Most recently he has started to giggle. He sometimes sleeps in his own bed, in his own room, but usually sleeps right next to mom in her bed. He loves to sit up, against the couch or in his bumbo. He still HATES to be left alone, so he is with mom at all moments, including the bathroom. He still loves baths but is too big for his bath seat, so now mom puts on a swim suit and gets in with him (for safety). He's shown a great interest in toys and they are good at holding his interest for a solid 30 seconds. He also loves carrying conversations with us, especially when he's tired. And finally, he is great at grabbing his pacifier but not good at putting it back in his mouth.

He loves to sleep in his carrier!

I always try to get him to help hold the bottle, and nothing. JT doesn't even try and he goes for it! Typical.

Jonas hanging out with Owen, my friend Melissa's cutie. He's almost 2 months older but Jonas is trying to keep up!

With church at a new, earlier time we are loving our Sunday naps!

This week he discovered his thumb! Hoping it's a fluke since he's always sucking on his fingers. Once I saw him with 6 fingers in his mouth at once. Crazy boy.

This past month we also had fun with taking pictures at Nature Park (previous blog post), my mom visiting, and last weekend JT's old roommate, Colton, and his wife visited from Provo. Colton, Cooper, and JT had a fun day on Saturday playing 36 holes of disk golf. Us girls and Jonas met them half-way through the day, because 36 holes was too much for us.

They all had fun fetching disks out of the water.

This past month was fun, and a lot of the time Rexburg graced us with amazing weather. But now it's cooling off. Hopefully we will still be able to have some fun!

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